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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hot Man Friday- Raoul Bova

God this man is sexy!

Raoul Bova

Name: Raoul Bova
DOB: August 14, 1971
Where: Rome, Italy
Occupation: Actor

-Italian actor born in Rome to Calabrian parents.
-At age 16, he became local swimming champ because he could do the 100 meter backstroke.
-At age 21, joined up with the Italian Army and performed his military calling with the Bersaglieri(sharpshooters) corps.
-In March 2000, married a woman named Chiara Giordano, who is a veterinarian. They have 3 kids: Alessandro Leon, Francesco and Sophia
-Height: 5'11''

-Appeared with Madonna in a 1999 Max Factor commercial
If this is him younger, omg! What a hot hunk of sexy Italian man!
-Studied at the Italian Institute of Physical Education
-His mother was a housewife while his father was an employee of Alitalia Airlines
-Got his name Raoul from his great grandfather
-From the region of Calabria, Bova is a common surname
-Has 2 dogs named Jackie and Ophelia
-Loves to cook
-Is the face for Giorgio Armani and Gap
-Nearly drowned in the ocean a a kid. To get over this fear, took swimming lessons and became a champ at 16
-His mother in law is one of the most famous divorce lawyers in Italy
-The first movie he ever saw was "Some Like It Hot"
-Loves to collect bonsai trees
-Shows an interest for Buddhism and Judaism
-In 2000, made an all nude artistic calendar for the Italian magazine Max
-Sometimes plays soccer with the Nazionale Italiana attori team in charity matches.


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