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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cold Case

Cold Case
-American police drama that ran on CBS from Sept. 28, 2003-May 2, 2010
-Revolves around a fictional Philadelphia Police Department division specializing in "cold cases"

-Set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Follows Det. Lily Rush(Kathryn Morris), a homicide detective whose specialty is "cold cases", or cases no longer being followed by police. Her initial partner was Det. Chris Lassing(Justin Chambers), and then she got Det. Scotty Valens(Danny Pino). They work under Lt. John Stillman(John finn) and are helped by Det. Nick Vera(Jeremy Ratchford), Will Jeffries(Thom Barry) and Kat Miller(Tracie Thoms)
-Usually each episode focuses on a single investigation. Some of the cases are spread out all over the city and outside the city, and even go back in time, some as far back as the 1910s
-The case would usually be brought up when a new lead or "new direction" comes up.
-Over the course of the investigation, they would talk to suspects, or witnesses in the crime and piece together what happened.
At the end, the police are seen walking the killer away into custody as the spirit of the victim looks on. And a song symbolizing the period in which the crime took place plays as a sign of gratitude
-Throughout the flashbacks, the show looks at many issues related to the 20th century, such as: racism, homophobia, sexism, abortion, police brutality

-Some episodes contain music from only one artist. Some of those artists include: Ray Charles, U2, The Doors, Pink Floyd, John Mellancamp, Johnny Cash, Bob Seger, Tim McGraw, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Pearl Jam. In the series finale, music from The Rolling Stones was used, and for the first time, it used an unreleased Rolling Stones song.

-Det. Lily Rush: Kathryn Morris

-Lt. John Stillman: John Finn

-Det. Scotty Valens: Danny Pino

-Det. Nick Vera: Jeremy Ratchford

-Det. Will Jeffries: Thom Barry

Det. Kat Miller: Tracie Thoms
-Det. Chris Lassing: Justin Chambers

Guest Stars
-Diane Ladd
-Shirley Knight
-Barry Bostwick
-June Lockheart
-Christa B. Allen
-Max Gail
-David Henrie
-Tuc Watkins
-Jenna Leigh Green
-Darren Criss
-Kenton Duty
-Alexa Nikolas

Episode: Family 8108
Episode: Best Friends
Episode: WASP
Episode: Stand Up and Holler

Episode: Black Out

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