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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quotes from Freejack


*Trying to keep it clean here*. There seem to be an awful lotta lines with the character Victor Vacendak(Mick Jagger) and Alex Furlong(Emilio Estevez) in this movie. These 2 aren't the only ones in the movie, come on!

Alex Furlong: Give it up, Vacendak. You couldn't catch a cold. You couldn't catch the clap in a whorehouse!

[after watching Furlong jump in to the river]
Victor Vacendak:  you drink any of that, I'll be out of a job

[Drunk during a TV interview]
Alex Furlong: I know someone who's trying to bring me in. Goes by the name Vacendak.
[Grabs microphone]
Alex Furlong: Well, I got a special message for you
[imitates the Terminator]
Alex Furlong: F--- you, a--hole!
Alex Furlong: No one's bringing me in.
Newswoman: So how you do like it here?
Alex Furlong: [drunk] I don't. Everybody 's chasing me
Newswoman: What is it they all want?
Alex Furlong: My body
Newswoman: Mmmm...
Newswoman: Self-absorbed type

Victor Vacendak: Box him in and run him down, but be gentle... I want him WITHOUT A SCRATCH

Julie Redlund: Let him go Mac!
Ian McCandless: Sorry, Ju, it's either him or me
Victor Vacendak: Too bad, I got used to him. I don't make alot of friends in this business
Alex Furlong: Who said we were friends

Michelette: Why, Victor, who do you think you're talking to?
Victor Vacendak: I know who I'm talking to, Mark
[tosses an expensive Faberge egg to him, it breaking]
Victor Vacendak: a--hole
Michelette: [slamming broken egg onto desk]
Michelette: Get out!

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