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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's That Bright Shiny Thing in the Sky? Is That, oh yes! It's the SUN!!!

Yes! It seems summer is once again on it's way here in my corner of the world!! And after having what seemed like maybe only a month or two of winter! If more winters were like that, I'd die a happy person! But yes, like I say, summer is once again coming! And everyone knows what that means. It means for us younger kids, it means no school, riding our bikes outdoors, eating ice cream, going on family vacations. For us older people, like the college age crowd, it means summer jobs, going to class during the summer and getting out early only to make a mad dash home to change in to your swim gear and make another mad dash to the nearest pool to swim and soak up some rays. And for everyone, it means family vacations to places you've either been to before or haven't, eating ice cream until you puke, going to concerts and having fun!!

Well, for me, it means trying to find another job, cuz my temp job ended, going to school 2x a week, and planning for my big vacacion(vacation in Spanish) in Sept. I gotta hope I'm off school when that happens. I don't know of any good excuses for otherwise!!!

Well, if I wasn't going on vacation in Sept., I'd be going to see Def Leppard play at Riverbend Coliseum, this concert venue near my house!! I love Def Leppard, have since I discovered they were the ones who did that song Pour Some Sugar on Me. Another thing I love about summer is being able to lay out in the sun, provided I put on sunblock, and clearing up this horrible acne plaguing my shoulders and back and face and getting some color on me so I don't look deathly pale. You see, I'm really fair skinned and for some reason, tans never and I mean NEVER last long with me! And I am not and mean ABSOLUTELY NOT gonna go get a spray tan on me! I do not want to look like an orange Oompa-Loompa like that fat pig 'Snooki' from Jersey Shore!! Spray tans make you look orange, not tan, you lovely Einsteins out there! I tried artificial tanner one day, and somehow, I looked orange on my legs and arms. Never again will I use that. I thought it would be cool, man, did I learn something there! It's better to just lay out in the actual bright and shining sun. And I just now figured out that I can take a book out with me and read while I tan. IDK why I didn't figure this out before. Like I may have said in other posts, I'm a blond and I have severe "blond" moments, where I suffer from stupid thoughts. It's like "Why didn't I do that?"

And in other news, death seems to be surrounding me! We just recently had to put down my grandmother's dog Bandit. This Vet in Bridgetown or wherever is the worst Vet EVER! When my step dad's sister Jeanane and her friend Frank took Bandit there, the vet asked them to get him on the table and somehow the poor angel fell 3 feet off the table. The vet couldn't pick up the dog because she said "her knees weren't up to it." I say, pardon my French, Bullshit!!! And then from the way I heard it through the grapevine, she was very cold and emotionless, and when Bandit fell, Frank accidentally let slip a bad word, most likely the F word. And this vet threatened to have him escorted off the property. What? Just 'cuz he said a bad word? WTF? I read the review and it just absolutely pissed me off! I loved that dog Bandit for ever! It took a few days for me and my sister to get used to him when we first met him, but then we were told that if we rub his belly or feed him treats, he'll be our friend until we die! And he was and is still our best friend. Here is the link. It's on and it is written by someone named Frank R. He is someone my step dad knows. His name is Frank Rosiello, and if that's not Italian, IDK what it is, lol. He's the nicest guy ever! He works for the Cincy Reds, the local baseball team. Works in concierge services, basically making sure that if anyone famous comes into town, they get good service. He's planning on getting my grandma Rose to come to a game on her 86th b-day! Oh, she'll love it soooo much! She knows everything about the Reds. Any who, before I get off topic, again, like I normally do, here's the link. Read it, especially if you love dogs. Like me :D
Her name is Dr. Colleen Fitzgibbon and if you live in Ohio, near this Vet, which I'm pretty sure no one who reads this blog does, DON'T GO TO HER! SHE IS THE WORST VET EVER! I'm pretty sure anyone who reads this blog does not live in Ohio, near me!
Anyway, my grandma's beloved little buddy Bandit had to be put down. I cry every time I think about him. Poor little guy. And one thing that really pisses me off is my step dad's lazy, fat, good for nothing, borderline alcoholic sister Carol is already worrying about opening the pool so she and her skanky ass friend Jackie can go in it. Last Saturday, when everyone was out and about cleaning up the yard in various ways, I was sweeping up the leaves and stuff by the pool pump, my step dad's nephew Nick was working like a dog trying to somehow get the cover off the pool even thought I knew he could not do it alone and where was my step dad's sister Carol, whose idea it was to clean up the yard and open the pool? Where else? She was out with her junkie, prostitute looking skank of a friend Jackie, going to an f---ing yard sale! Sorry to seem so cross, it's just that woman burns me up! We were all working like dogs in the yard and she was out doing nothing! And she never liked Bandit in the first place. She could never bring friends over because of him, and now the poor lil angel and my furry, four legged friend is gone, she's probably gonna let her friend Jackie bring over her friends and their kids to swim. What she needs to realize is that Rose, my grandma's name, her house is not a public pool where anyone can drop by at the drop of a hat. It's a private residence, therefore it's a private pool. She's off work more than she's at work! She pisses me off, quite frankly!

But, before I get anymore pissed off at that fat, lazy ass good for nothing sister of his, I wanna remember my lil buddy Bandit for the good things about him. Whenever we ate, he had to eat, silly lil thing, and he always loved having his belly rubbed. And his back leg always twitched when it happened, and he always loved having the area behind his ears scratched. But, Bandit's in a better place, asking for cookies from my grandma's sister Rita. And keeping my grandma's husband Gene company. That's the thing about Bandit; he was very protective of Rose. He was a fine lil guard dog. He never liked kids though; I like to think it was because of these 3 lil a--holes across the street who ride around the neighborhood on bikes with flags on the back like they think their crap don't stink, like they're the best kids ever! No, they're not! They teased Bandit, and that's why I hate those kids, and that's why Bandit hates kids. Around lil kids, he used to bark up a storm and growl at them. When we were outside and the so-called "Dork Patrol", what I called them basically, would ride by on their stupid dorky bikes, Bandit would bark up a storm and I would say to him "Good boy". Because I just know deep in my heart, those 3 had something to do with Bandit not liking kids.
Well, any who, summer is on it's way here, and as for plans of things to do, I'm got a few personal priorities to handle: I gotta go to the cemetery and lay down some flowers on my dad's grave, go to school during the summer, and also find a job, which will not be hard considering I now have employment experience, Booya!!! Sorry, I'm just fascinated with that, I love saying it to myself, "You have job experience".

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  1. I saw Def Leopard last summer at our state fair. So much fun!

    I'm going to see Joan Jett next month.

    I love how you are a young un and love all the old music.