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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Origin: Godalming, Surrey, England
Genres: Progressive rock, pop rock, rock, symphonic rock
Years Active: 1967-2000, 2006-present
Tony Banks
Mike Rutherford
Phil Collins
Past Members
Peter Gabriel
Anthony Phillips
Chris Stewart
John Silver
Joh Mayhew
Mick Barnard
Steve Hackett
Ray Wilson
-English rock band formed in 1967.
-Currently consists of 3 long lasting members- tony Banks(keyboards), Mike Rutherford(bass, guitar) and Phil Collins(vocals, drums)
-They have 150 million albums sold across the world
-During the 1960s, they were said to be a pop experiment, because of their mellow pop music
-But when the 1970s hit, they began delving into progressive rock and their concerts became theatrical experiences.
-Their #1 hit single in the US was "Invisible Touch" with Collins heading the lead vocals instead of Gabriel.
-Collins left the band in 1996
-Genesis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010

-Formed in 1967 when Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks attended the Charterhouse School in Godalming. The original lineup for Genesis consisted of Peter Gabriel(vocals), Anthony Phillips(guitar), Tony Banks(keyboards), Mike Rutherford(bass and guitar) and Chris Stewart(drums).
1967Gabriel, Banks, Phillips, Rutherford, Stewart
1968Gabriel, Banks, Phillips, Rutherford, Silver
1969Gabriel, Banks, Phillips, Rutherford, Mayhew
1970Gabriel, Banks, Barnard, Rutherford, Collins
1971Gabriel, Banks, Hackett, Rutherford, Collins
1975Collins, Banks, Hackett, Rutherford 1
1977Collins, Banks, Rutherford 2
1997Wilson, Banks, Rutherford 3
1999Band on hiatus
2006Collins, Banks, Rutherford 2
-First album: From Genesis to Revelation. John Silver replaced Stewart on drums and the music on this album was inspired by the light pop of The Bee Gees
-John Mayhew replaced John Silver before recording their album Trespass and they recorded it through Charisma Records

-In the summer of 1970, Phil Collins replaced Mayhew on drums and Mick Barnard replaced Phillips on guitar.
-Barnard didn't last in the band. He was, once again, replaced by another man, this time it was Steve Hackett who played guitar
-On the 1971 album Nursery Cryme, on the track "For Absent Friends" this was Collin's first lead vocal performance and was also the first song written by newbies Collins and Hackett.

-Their 1972 album Foxtrot was said to be "one of the group's most accomplished works."
-During the 1970s, Genesis incorporated the use of laer lights and other light effects into their show, which was very reminiscent of Pink Floyd in those days.

-During the tour for their album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Gabriel announced he was leaving the band. Mainly due to the difficult birth of his first child and strains it put on his marriage from the constant touring.
-For their 1976 album A Trick of the Tail, the band had decided to stop auditioning for singers because they knew they had one in their midst, Phil Collins. They decided to make him lead singer and this album was where he got the chance to show he could sing.

-Their shows became more interesting without Gabriel's constant costume changes. Since Collins was the drummer for the band, Bill Bruford, drummer for YES and King Crimson, was brought in.
-In 1978, when Steve Hackett left the band, Rutherford took on the role of guitar and the band was getting very close to wha they believed would be a good balance of members in a band. This inspired them to release their 1978 album ...And Then There Were Three. This album got them their first major American hit "Follow Me, Follow You".

-During the winter of 1977-1978, due to constant touring, Banks, Rutherford and Collins took a small break off, taking the majority of 1979 off. Collins informed his bandmates that in order to save the marriage he was in, follow her to Vancouver. And if they wanted to go back in the studio, he was out.
-In 1981, he released his first solo album Face Value.

-The band reunited in 1980 and released an album called Duke. It weas a major transition from progressive rock of the 1970s to 1980s pop.

-This album was the band's first UK #1 album, with the tracks "Misunderstanding" and "Turn It On Again" becoming live performances
-Their 1983 album Genesis became their 3rd #1 album in the UK. It includes the tracks "Mama", "That's All", which is my favorite song by them, and their song "Just a Job to Do" was used by the ABC detective drama The Insiders.
-In 1986, they released what would be their highest selling album, Invisible Touch. This yielded Genesis 5 U.S. Top Singles: "Throwing It All Away" "In Too Deep" "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" "Land of Confusion" "Invisible Touch". At the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards they performed "Throwing It All Away".

-Collin's last studio album with the group was the 1991 album We Can't Dance. This featured the trakcs "Jesus He Knows Me" "I Can't Dance" "No Son of Mine" "Hold on to My Heart" "Tell Me Why" and "Never a Time"
-Rutherford and Banks continued on as Genesis. This time, they brought in ex-Stiltskin singer Ray Wilson to be the new singer. And to replace other members, othe guys were brought in, like Paul Carrack from Mike Rutherford's band Mike + The Mechanics.
-On Nov. 6, 2006, after nearly 40 years, Collins, Banks and Rutherford announced they were touring, calling it the Turn It On Again: The Tour, basically playing all the songs off their Turn It On Again album. This album is my favorite. They have all the good songs on it.
-On March 4, 2011, Collins said he is retiring from music due to health concerns.

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