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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One of my favorite video games EVER!

Tak and the Power of Juju
-There's one part in this game that cracks me up every time I play. There's a level called Lower Tree Village and you'll come to this clearing with 2 trees in it and in these trees are monkeys who throw stuff at you. If you have the blowgun and can shoot stuff, if you time it correctly, you can get these 2 monkeys to throw stuff at each other, hilarious!

-An prophecy sees that the Moon Juju, the protector of the Pupanunu tribe would be threatened by the evil Tlaloc, who is a bitter Pupanunu shaman who turns the Pupanunu people into sheep as revenge for not being made a high shaman with another taking his place, Jibolba. The prophecy also foretells of a warrior coming to the rescue of the Pupanunu tribe, aiding the Moon Juju and defeating Tlaloc and bringing peace to the Pupanunu tribe once more.

-After escaping Tlaloc's spell, Jibolba thinks his apprentice Lok would be the ideal warrior. But he finds that Lok has been turned into a sheep. So he sends out his younger apprentice Tak to find magical plants to change him back. Tak is then told to seek and obtain the Spirit Rattle, which allows him to make contact with the Juju spirits to help him find Lok
Use this on Chicken Island

-Tak returns with the Rattle to find Lok has been trampled to death by a herd of sheep. Jibolba asked Tak to collect 100 Yorbels(in the game they are round, blue stones with pink swirly stripes on them in a blue glow) and Lok's spirit from the underworld. After resurrecting Lok, it has him experiencing diarrhea. Tak then gets the Moon Stones, allowing the Moon Juju to return to full strength

-The Moon Juju reveals the prophecy warrior is not Lok, but actually Tak, as he had accomplished everything that was predicted. Using the Juju spells, he defeats Tlaloc, turning him into a sheep, completing the prophecy

Consists of obstacles, puzzles. Like most games, the player can jump and attack. The health meter is represented by the feather on Tak's head. If it's all yellow, he's at full health, but if it's all purple, he's dead and must restart at the last checkpoint activated, which in this game is the Spirit Portals. Another unique feature is Tak can get around obstacles with the help of animals.

-Orangutans:They can bend trees that spring back, sending Tak flying so he can travel

-Rhinos: They can smash through obstacles with Tak riding on back
-Monkeys: When angered, they throw coconuts at their nearest target. Just make sure their nearest target isn't you.
-Emus: Mobile like rhinos, emus help Tak reach other places by jumping far and gliding
-Sheep: They can open doors and activate elevators by running on conveyor belts
You also have rams, who will use their head to get rid of you. The only sure fire way to get past them is get them a sheep. You will start seeing little red hearts around their head. They fall in love with the sheep, you're in the clear. This picture is from the level Chicken Island, inhabited by people who worship Chickens as gods.

The game was based on other games out there, like the humor of Ratchet and Clank, the gameplay of Sly Cooper and the Theivious Raccoonus and the level design on Jak and Daxter. In order to proceed, Tak must collect feathers(mana) to do different spells. And he can do spells. The Restoration Dance restores Tak to full health, and also must obtain collectibles, such as Tikis to summon other spirits.
Pins and Needles, aides of Tlaloc

Flora, daughter of the Moon Juju who helps Tak

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