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Thursday, May 31, 2012


One of my favorite Mafia movies ever!


Did You Know?
-The scene where Pesci says "You think I'm funny?" was from a scene he acted out for Scorsese. When Pesci was younger, he told a mobster he thought the man was funny and the man became angry. So the scene in the movie is based on that

Joe Pesci and Catherine Scorsese. IDK why, but she reminds me of my stepdad's mother, who I call Grandma Rose.
-The F word is used 296 times in the movie, most of them being said by Pesci
-Director Martin Scorsese's mother Catherine plays Tommy's mother. And his father, Charles Scorsese is the prisoner who puts too many onions in the tomato sauce
-After Joe Pesci's mother saw the movie, she asked him if he had to swear so much.
-According to Henry Hill, who Ray Liotta played, Joe Pesci's role of Tommy DeVito was 90-99% accurate, with one problem: the real Tommy DeVito was a strong, muscular, massively built man
-The soundtrack did not include songs that were played in lengthy scenes showing Henry making drug deals. Songs include: Memo from Turner- The Rolling Stones, Mannish Boy- Muddy Waters, Jump Into the Fire- Nilsson, Magic Bus- The Who, Monkey Man- The Rolling Stones, What is Life- George Harrison, Toad- Cream
-At the time of filming, Pesci was in his 40s. His character was supposed to be in his 20s.
-Christopher Serrone, who plays young Henry, actually has brown eyes in real life. He wore blue eye contacts to match Liotta's blue eyes
L-R: Christopher Serrone, Robert De Niro and unknown actor

-During the scene that shows his character getting shot to death by Joe Pesci, Michael Imperioli had to be rushed to the hospital because he broke a glass in his hand.

-It begins with Henry Hill thinking "As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster." He looked up to the Lucchese crime family growing up in his working class, Italian-American neighborhood of East New York, in Brooklyn in 1955. He quits school, much to the disgrace of his working class Irish father, and goes to work for them. His father tries to stop him from working for the wiseguys after learning he has been cutting school. But the guys have a solution. They run into the mailman, and ask him to deliver all letters from school to them or else the consequences could be deadly. Henry is now able to make a small living for himself, and he learns 2 very important lessons: "Never rat on your friends" and "Always keep your mouth shut." He puts these lessons to work early on in his life after being acquitted of criminal charges.

-He is taken under the caring wing of a local mob capo named Paul "Paulie" Cicero(Paul Sorvino) and his associates, Jimmy "The Gent" Conway(Robert De Niro), who goes nuts for hijacking trucks, and Tommy DeVito(Joe Pesci), who has a hot headed, hair trigger temper who goes psycho at any given time. In 1967, they commit the Air France Robbery, marking the day Henry officially becomes a member of the Mafia, like them. They spend most of their nights at a local club called the Copacabana, with numerous women. That's where Henry meets Karen(Lorraine Bracco), a Jewish girl from the Five Towns. Karen is initially worried by Henry's criminal background, but soon she is seduced by this glamorous life of his. When a neighbor assaults her for refusing his sexual advances, Henry pisto whips the guy in front of her. She suddenly is aroused by this act of violence, especially when Henry gives her the gun and tells her to hide it.
-June 11, 1970: Tommy, along with Jimmy's help, brutally beats a mobster named Billy Batts(Frank Vincent), who is a member of the Gambino crime family. Billy insulted Tommy for being a shoeshine boy when he was younger. However, Batts was a made man, which means he could not be touched with the go ahead from the Gambinos. And because of that, Jimmy, Henry and Tommy need to cover up the murder otherwise they could die, or in Mafia talk, get whacked. They take the body in the trunk of Henry's car and bury it upstate. 6 months later, Jimmy hears the site is going to be developed, so they must move it otherwise the body will be found and an autopsy will be done.
-Henry begins seeing a woman named Janice Rossi(Gina Mastrogiacomo), setting her up with an apartment. Karen discovers this, and she goes to Janice's apartment to confront her, but is not allowed in past the front door. She then confronts Henry, points a gun at his face, and threatens to kill them both, unless he tells her if he loves Janice. Karen can't bring herself to fire the gun and a now angry Henry threatens Karen with the gun and says he has bigger problems, like possibly being killed in the open street. Henry goes and lives in the apartment with Janice until things cool off. Paulie tells him to go back to Karen after completing a job for him. He and Jimmy are sent to get money from a gambler in Florida, which they complete successfully after beating him. However, most of the crew are arrested after being turned in by the gambler's sister, a typist for the FBI.
-Henry is now in prison. He sells drugs to support his family on the side. After he is released in 1978, the crew commits the Lufthansa heist at the John F. Kennedy Airport. Despite Paulie's warning to stop committing crimes, Henry goes farther and farther to establish himself in the drug world, convinving Tommy and Jimmy to join him. Jimmy has the other members of the Lufthansa heist killed after they ignore his warning to not buy anything expensive. Later on, Tommy is killed for the murder of Billy Batts, having been fooled into thinking he is going to be made.
-By the time 1980 rolls around, Henry is a nervous wreck from constant use of cocaine and insomnia. He tries to organize a drug deal with his associates in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, he is caught by narcotics agents and is sent to prison. On his release, Karen tells him that she flushed $60,000 worth of cocaine down the toilet to avoid the FBI agents finding it during the raid. That makes Henry and his family virtually penniless. Paulie now feels Henry has betrayed him by dealing drugs, so he gives Henry $3,200 and ends his connection with him. Henry decides to enroll his family in the Witness Protection Program after realizing Jimmy intends to have him murdered. Now that he's not in the gangster world anymore, he now has to face life in the real world. "I'm an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life as a schnook."

-Then as the movie is ending, titles explain that Henry was arrested on drug charges in Seattle, Washington, but has been cleasn since 1987. Paul Cicero died in Fort Worth Federal Prison of respiratory illness in 1988 at 73, Jimmy, in 1990, was serving a 20 year to life sentence in a New York State prison.
ActorRoleBased on
Ray LiottaHenry HillHenry Hill
Robert De NiroJimmy ConwayJimmy Burke
Joe PesciTommy DeVitoThomas DeSimone
Lorraine BraccoKaren HillKaren Hill (née Friedman)
Paul SorvinoPaul CiceroPaul Vario
Frank SiveroFrankie CarboneAngelo Sepe
Frank VincentBilly BattsWilliam "Billy Batts" Devino
Tony DarrowSonny BunzAngelo McConnach
Mike StarrFrenchyRobert "Frenchy" McMahon
Chuck LowMorrie KesslerMartin Krugman
Frank DiLeoTuddy CiceroVito "Tuddy" Vario
Johnny WilliamsJohnny RoastbeefLouis Cafora
Samuel L. JacksonParnell "Stacks" EdwardsParnell Steven "Stacks" Edwards
Frank AdonisAnthony StabileAnthony Stabile
Catherine ScorseseTommy DeVito's MotherThomas DeSimone's Grandmother
Gina MastrogiacomoJanice RossiLinda Coppociano
Debi MazarSandyRobin Cooperman
Margo WinklerBelle KesslerFran Krugman
Welker WhiteLois ByrdJudy Wicks
Julie GarfieldMickey ConwayMickey Burke
Paul HermanDealerPaul Mazzei
Detective Ed DeacyHimselfHimself
Christopher SerroneHenry Hill (Youth)Henry Hill (Youth)
Charles ScorseseVinnieThomas Agro
Michael VivaloNicky EyesHimself
Michael Imperioli"Spider"Michael "Spider" Gianco
Frank PellegrinoJohnny DioJohnny Dio
Tony EllisBridal Shop OwnerJerome Asaro
Elizabeth WhitcraftTommy's GirlfriendTheresa Ferrara
Illeana DouglasTommy's Other GirlfriendRosie
Anthony PowersJimmy Two-TimesClyde Brooks
Assistant U.S. Attorney Ed McDonaldHimselfHimself
Tony LipFrankie The WopFrancesco Manzo
Joseph BonoMikey FranzeseMichael Franzese
Kevin CorriganMichael HillMichael Hill

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  1. I can watch this movie millions of times. I especially love the day when Henry is making gravy, picking up drugs, and being watched by helicopters. Crazy!