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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Favorite Cold Case Episodes

Cold Case Episodes

BTW, the last dash is what happens at the end of the episode. For example, on the episode It's Raining Men, as the man is getting married, his dead partner is looking at his living AIDS surviving partner at his wedding. So just 2 let u know, it's what happens at the end of the episode

Season 1

A Time to Hate
-Plot: A 75 year old woman comes to Lily to seek justice for her son, who was a college baseball player beaten to death outside a gay bar in 1964
  1. Intro song: The Shoop Shoop Song: Cher
  2. Song in ending: Turn! Turn! Turn: The Byrds
-At the scene, Lily, the victim's mother, the victim's lover and the witness see the victim at the scene sharing a loving embrace with each other

-Plot: During an excavation at a construction site, human remains turn up and lead to the unsolved deaths of 2 mid 20s hippies who disappeared in 1969
  1. Intro song: Volunteers: Jefferson Airplane
  2. Song in ending: Get Together: The Youngbloods

Season 2

It's Raining Men
-Plot: An AIDS survivor asks the detectives to look into the 1983 murder of his dead boyfriend in order to find peace before his upcoming wedding and clear his name as he was a prime suspect.
  1. Intro song: It's Raining Men: The Weather Girls
  2. Ending song: When I'm With You: Sheriff
-The victim's partner sees his partner at the wedding

Season 3

-Plot: An African American player had just hit a home run against an all white team in 1945 and is beaten to death with his own bat
  1. Ending song: Sentimental Journey: Doris Day
-Jeffries sees the victim tip his hat in respect at a baseball game
Season 4

Baby Blues
-Plot: 1982 case of a baby who died of suspicious causes, originally ruled as SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  1. Intro song: Somebody's Baby: Jackson Browne
  2. Ending song: Open Arms: Journey

Blood on the Tracks
-Plot: When someone is remodeling an old house, remains of a bomb are found. The case reveals that a married couple lived and died there in 1981, in what was thought to be a gas leak
-All music done by Bob Dylan
-For any Law and Order: UK fan or Battlestar Galactica fan, Jamie Bamber appears in this episode

The Goodbye Room
-Plot: 1964 case of an unwed mother who gave birth to a baby girl and was sent to a home for unwed mothers
  1. Intro song: Baby Love: The Supremes
  2. Ending song: You Are My Sunshine: Carly Simon
Season 5

That Woman
-Plot: 1998 murder of a high school girl who had a promiscuous reputation
  1. Intro song: I Will Buy You a New Lie: Everclear
  2. Ending song: Black Balloon: Goo Goo Dolls
Boy Crazy
-Plot: 1963 murder of a girl who was dressing and acting like a boy
  1. Intro song: He's a Rebel: The Crystals
  2. Ending song: Everybody Loves Me But You: Brenda Lee
Family 8108
-Plot: 1945 case of a Japanese American man who was murdered by being pushed down a flight of stairs backwards after getting released from the Manzanar Internment Camp
-No ending song, but the son 's voice over reading the last letter he wrote to his family
Season 6
Season 7

-Plot: 1983 murder of a Chinese American teen male whose girlfriend was murdered 3 months before him
  1. Intro song: Age of Consent: New Order
  2. Ending song: Every Breath You Take: The Police
-The victim and his girlfriend are seen by his mother and his girlfriend's father
Free Love
-Plot: 1969 murder of a soldier who attended Woodstock
  1. Ending Song: The Weight: The Band
Shattered. Pt. 2
-Plot: 1993 murder of a teen girl and Valens and the team try to find Rush's abducted sister
-Music: All done by The Rolling Stones. Songs used include Beast of Burden, Tumbling Dice, It's Only Rock and Roll. Also, an unreleased song titled Winter by The Rolling Stones plays in the end. It's from their 1973 Goat's Head Soup album.

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