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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hot Man Thursday: Joe Perry

My favorite one in Aerosmith!!!!

Joe Perry
Name: Anthony Joseph Perreira
DOB: Sept. 10, 1950
Where: Lawrence, Massachusetts
Occupations: Musician, songwriter
Genres: hard rock, blues, heavy metal
Years Active: 1970-present

-Lead guitarist, occasioanl lead vocalist and contributing song writer for Boston, MA-based hard rock band Aerosmith
-Influenced by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones
-Ranked #48 on Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

Early Life
-Paternal family is from Madeira, Portugal. Changed the name from Perreira to Perry. His maternal family is Neopolitan, from Italy.
-Born in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Grew up in the town of Hopedale. There, his father was an accountant and his mother was a high school gym teacher and later an aerobics instructor.
-She retired to Arizona where Perry's dad died in 1975

-During his early years, he joined Tom Hamilton in a band called The Jam Band. Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer joined up and it became Aerosmith. The band was initially labeled as ripoffs of The Rolling Stones, but in the mid 1970s, they proved they were nothing like thier British counterparts.

-Their majorly successful albums of the 1970s include Toys in the Attic(1975) and Rocks(1976). These albums got plenty of airplay due to FM stations popping up around Boston.
-"Dream On" "Same Old Song and Dance" "Walk This Way" "Sweet Emotion" were among the hits to get airplay
-During this time, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry became known as the Toxic Twins because of their hard partying and heavy drug use. Also during this time, Aerosmith's loyal fans and followers became known as the Blue Army because the guys wore denim jeans and jackets and the ladies had long hair.
-In the fall of '77, Perry sang lead vocals on "Bright Light Fright" on the Draw the Line album and in the fall of that year at The Spectrum in Philadelphia, a cherry bomb was thrown on stage, injuring Tyler and Perry

-Joe Perry quit the band in 1979 all over his wife Elyssa Jerret throwing a glass of milk at Tom Hamilton's wife. The band literally broke up over spilt milk, according to either Tyler or Perry in Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith.

Elyssa Jerret and Joe Perry. She's the ugly chick to the left and Joe Perry is the hottie to her right

-In 1986, Tyler and Perry collaborated with up and coming rap artists Run DMC to make a rap version of their hit "Walk This Way". Other than that, Tyler and Perry fought like cats and dogs. And it was not until the release of their 1989 Pump album and 1993 Get a Grip album that they started renewing their friendship after many singles followed these albums.

-In 2009, Perry, along with his solo band The Joe Perry Project, released their new album called "Have Guitar, Will Travel", which features the track "We Got a Long Way to Go". During this, Tyler was threatening to quit the band

Personal Life
-Was married to Elyssa Jerret from 1975-1982, which gave him son Adrian.
-Is now married to Billie Mongtomery Perry. They married in 1985 on the set of the video for his song "Black Velvet Pants". Billie appears on one of his guitars. They had 2 sons together, Roman and Tony and she had a son from a previous relationship named Aaron. Adrian and Tony Perry are founding members of a band called TAB the Band
-His first grandchild, Austin, was born to stepson Aaron.

-Huge fan of Fleetwood Mac and Jeff Beck
-Influenced by Jimi Hendrix
-Was a major influence on Slash from Guns N Roses

Guest Appearances
-Played guitar on Alice Cooper's song House of Fire
-On Dec. 13, 2003, was the only non-KISS member to wear a pair of Paul Stanley's boots on stage with the heavily made up band as he helped KISS play "Strutter".
-On the episode "Brotherly Love" of Homicide: Life on the Streeet, he was credited as Anthony Joseph Perry

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  1. He was hot as hell, still cute though he's old