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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slang Words

Slang Words
I figured I'd do a post about slang. Everyone has probably used one slang word once or twice. Here's some slang words. I use alot of them, being that I grew up in the 90s where most of it might have been used. And as for some of these, I was laughing so hard my eyes began watering, and I almost wet myself laughing at some. Some of these words I use sometimes, my personal fave is Anywho. BTW, or By the Way, there is an occasional British slang word mixed in here.

-A Solid : A favor
-A Sims Moment: Brief moment in which life seems to mirror the computer simulation game The Sims
-A Game: do your best effort
-Ace: One's best friend
-Addy: short form of address
-Agent 21: you and a group of friends who just turned 21
-Al-oholic: someone addicted to music of 'Weird Al' Yankovich
-All blown up: to be paged or called on phone alot
-All squared away: things have been taken care of
-Amtrak: to lose your train of thought
-Aneurism: freaking out
-Anime hair: hair defying gravity, sticking out at odd angles, looking like an anime character
-Anklebiter: short person
-Anorak: type of hoodless jacket or British slang for person into things almost to the point of geekiness, aka a dork, geek
-Anywho: usually supposed to be anyway, but followed by a brief pause and change of topic(I use this one ALOT, especially in my post b4 this)
-Area 51ers: Those who see a conspiracy in everything
-Arm candy: used to describe attractive woman on man's arm
-Ayrton: London slang for a ten pound note. Named after Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna

-B list: Those who did not make it to the top list
-B team: inferior group of people
-Bass-ackwards: doing something in ridiculously wrong order, or reverse way of saying ass backwards
-Baka: idiotic, foolish, stupid. Derived from Japanese word for foolish
-Balloon head: someone with big ego
-Banana hammock: Australian slang for Speedo
-Barley pop: beer
-Bazillion: a number so large it can't be counted to or reached
-Beacon: person who stands out from the crowd for some unknown reason, usually hilarious
-Beaky: Good. Early 90s UK slang. Confined to 2 people
-Beast of Burden: Those people who interfere with your daily life and cause stress and anxiety
-Beatdown: fight
-Bedhead: hair messed up after sleeping
-Beef: anger with someone
-Beemer: slang for BMW
-Beer thirty: any time after work
-Benjamins: 100 dollar bills
-Biddy: old woman, girls who work at fast food joints
-Bingo arm: flabby skin under the arm
-Blinkies: little flashing lights on technical equipment
-Blog: internet journal
-Blonde moment: I HAVE ALOT OF THESE!!! Blank stupid moment
-Bloody: British slang word for the F word
-Blowing chunks: throw up
-Bomb: greatest

-Cagey: cabin fever, feeling stuck inside
-Carding: UK for prostitutes leaving cards with their names in telephone boxes
-C Town: Cleveland
-Caf: short for cafeteria
-Captain Obvious: One who points out things already known
-Cat fight: fight between 2 women who can't fight, but instead scratch at each other
-Cellaholic: person addicted to using a cellphone
-Cha: Yeah. Made famous by Mike Myers in the movie Wayne's World
-Champers: British slang for champagne
-Cheddar: School bus- the yellow color looks like cheddar cheese. This one made me laugh
-Cheesed: extremely angry with someone
-Cherry: used to mean a virgin, but now describes something in pristine condition
-Chest shaver: incredibly vain male
-Cheddar: Money, cash
-Chilax: chill + relax
-Chimp: someone who follows instructions without understanding a reason
-Chippy: British slang for upper classes, including their accents
-Chucky Larms: Lucky Charms reversed. May get a huge laugh out of someone who is ont fully awake! And plus, this one made me laugh so hard my eyes started watering!
-Chump: loser
-City juice: Water from tap
-Cougar:  middle aged woman who hits on young guys
-Crappucino: bad tasting, allegedly gourmet coffee
-Craptacular: remarkable for being so horrible that it is dull
-Crib: one's living place
-Cruisin for a bruisin: 80s slang term for someone who is gonna get beat up if they keep talking the way they do
-Cutesy pukesy: something new couples do that makes you wanna puke. They talk cute to each other and won't stop holding hands and whatknot. Welcome to... high school!!

-D'oh: said to keep from getting surprised or caught that you forgot to do something
-Dasiy Dukes: pair of extremely tight, short shorts worn by women in the American South and any where else
-Dashenka: Moscow slang for darling
-Dawg: greeting teen boys use if they are trying to be 'gangsta', like the rap stars they idolize
-Death rattle: smoker's cough
-Deniro jockey: woman who expects the male to pay for everything
-Desk jockey: describes someone who sits at desk all day
-Diaper diva: pre teens who are really into N*Sync, Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys
-Diddly squat: nothing
-Diddly: nothing
-Diddums: mocking word for someone being overly whiny
-Dime Bar: early 90s UK slang for someone slow on the uptake, who usually does not get something until later on
-Dine N Dash: Eat and leave without paying
-Dog: closely trusted friend. Also 'street' talk for those wanting to be 'gangsta'
-Dogs: feet
-Donut: drive your car in a tight circle
-Dressed in black label: drunk at a funeral
-Dumpster diver: someone who looks around in dumpsters for hidden treasure

-Earthy crunchy: someone who is in to hugging trees or hippies, someone stuck in the 1960s
-Eddie Haskell: someone who kisses up to the parents of friends

-F bomb: relates to a situation where someone said the f word
-Face card: 100 dollar bill
-Fake and bake: tanning salon
-Far Side ish: used to describe something that might be seen in a Far Side Comic
-Fat chance: no chance something will happen
-Five O: police.
-Foldies: lines in unusued clothing that never come out even after folding
-Four one one: info
-FUBAR: F---ed Up Beyond All Repair or F---ed Beyond All Recognition
-Fugly: f---ing ugly

-G'Day: Australian greeting for Good Day
-Gangsta: person living the street lifestyle, the way hip hop life would suggest
-Garbage juice: liquid leaking from garbage bag
-Gas: fun, hilarious
-Gear head: someone devoted to their cars and engines
-Gig: party, gathering
-Git: person under age of 16
-Goblimey: British slang for word of shock
-Golddigger: woman who hooks up with man for money
-Grampage: when someone over the age of 40 begins killing people
-Gremlin: little kids who annoy you
-Gun fu: a type of action movie where gun acrobatics and martial arts are combined. Chow Yun-fat's specialty is these types of movies
-Gym pig: someone who spends too much time at the gym

-H E Double Hockey Stick: used in place of the word Hell
-Hair band: any short lived band of the 1980s with hair going every which direction, and usually down to their shoulders. (I.e. Poison, Ratt, Cinderella, Skid Row, Motley Crue, etc.)
-Hammer of the Gods: TV remote control
-Handbag: effeminate man
-Headbanger: someone who listens to heavy metal music
-Heat: cops
-Heater: gun. Derived from the novel The Outsiders
-Homie: good friend. More 'street' talk
-Hook up: get together romantically
-Hooker boots: knee high boots or go-go boots
-The House: Waffle House
-Hussy: female who is provacative and somewhat immoral

-I'm doin' cartwheels: used when you want to show excitement, yet, you could care less
-Ice: to kill
-Idiot sandwich: group of people sitting around having a stupid conversation
-Idiot box: UK slang for television
-Iron box: virgin

-J-Lo: butt
-Jacked: muscular
-Jacksons: Twenty dollar bills
-Jagger: to throw a wild looking, violent tantrum possibly while dancing or could be a type of dancing. I.e.: Meaning "The Rooster"(bobbing head back and forth while pouting lips) type dancing Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones did in the beginnging of the video for Start Me Up.
-Jamjams: pajamas
-Jarhead: male athlete or nickname for US Marine
-JCR: Jenny Craig Reject. Overweight. To be used within earshot of someone who is heavyset, meaning to hurt their feelings. Used by popular girls who are like walking stick bugs they're so skinny!!!
-John and Yoko: when 2 people are so in love you think they're one person
-Join the club: Me too
-Juju: feeling or vibe, usually a bad one
-Junk in the Trunk: large bottom

-Kawaii: Japanese for cute
-Kick back: relax
-Kicks: shoes
-Kitty litter: Formula 1 slang for the gravel traps on the sides of the road to prevent accidents
-Knuckle dragger: Naval term referring to any one in the Machinists Mate rating. Anyone who does mechanics jobs

-La de freaking da: used when someone tells you some pointless piece of information you could care less about
-Label whore: someone who wears name brand clothing with the name brand somewhere for all to see, like an advertisement for that clothing company.
-Lack-a-nookie: no sex for a long time. This one made me choke on the juice I was drinking, made it come out my nose!!!
-Lay down the law: take control of a situation
-Lickety split: fast
-Lip rippler: a louder than usual burp.
-Looky loo: nosey person
-Lung cookie: mucous you cough up after a night of partying

-MacGuyver: name given to someone who make something out of other things, like MacGuyver
-Mailbox head: someone who has an unusually squarish head or a stupid, foolish person
-Mall job: actually having a job at the mall
-Mall rat: someone who spends all their free time at the mall
-Mary jane: slang for marijuana
-Moo juice: milk

-Nerdbox: computer
-Nickel in the can: 5 years in jail
-Noseeums: little bugs that fly around your face but can be seen as a fuzzy gray cloud
-Nuke: cook something in the microwave. This is how I cook when it's just me at home and no one else!

-OD: Over Doing It
-Okie dokie: All right
-One time: police
-Paint the town red: have a wild, fun time
-Panhassling: aggressive panhandling
-Peach: cute in a very special way
-Pity whore: person who tries to get others to feel sorry for her.
-Po po: police
-Poindexter: nerd
-Pop: British slang for champagne
-Prairie doggin': desperate for a bathroom!
-Pumpkinhead: someone addicted to the band The Smashing Pumpkins
-Punch buggy: Volkswagen Beetle

-Q tip: white haired elderly person

-Rabbit food: what healthy people eat, fruits and veggies
-Radiohead: the phenomena when someone says what someone else is thinking. This happens ALOT in my house! I'll be thinking something and either my stepdad or sister will say it!
-Rainbox: shower
-Rave goo: slime found on ceilings, walls and floors from rave parties
-Red neck disorder: the family tree does not extend out  very much
-Rice burner: Japanese made car, motorcycle, etc.
-Rich kid killer: expensive import racing motorcycle
-Riff raff: people up to no good
-Road pizza: the aftermath of some animal getting hit by a car, truck, bus, etc. AKA roadkill
-Rock: display a certain style
-ROTFLMAO: text for Rolling on the Floor, Laughing My Ass Off. I love this one, makes me laugh, lol!! This is my favorite text word

-Salad dodger: obese person
-Sand clock/timer: hourglass
-Sausage party: party where the ratio of men to women is high, more men than women
-Sawbuck: 10 dollar bill
-Scarf: wolf down food
-Scooby gang: group of people who investigate paranormal happenings
-Sheila: Aussie slang for a woman, girl
-Short bus: bus that escorts special needs people to school
-Shotgun wedding: when bride is pregnant and marriage is forced upon, with a shotgun present
-Skank: dirty, nasty looking woman
-Skinny mini: person who is skinny, does not eat very much
-Smetal: false metal
-Smiley: smiling for no apparent reason
-Snail jockey: mailman
-Snog: to kiss, also British slang for kiss
-Snork: accidentally inhaling drink through nose, during laughing
-Springer moment: a feeling of finding yourself surrounded by rednecks, the kind who usually end up on Springer
-Stop n rob: convenience store
-Suburbia: that boring neighborhood where all the houses look alike
-Sugar fairy: someone who is overly nice and sees through rose colored glasses. Possibly a nickname or word for hippie

-Table butt: when an overweight person has a butt that could double as a table
-Taking the piss: British slang for pulling someone's leg, almost embarassing them
-Tanorexic: someone who goes to the tanning bed TOO much
-Technicolor yawn: throw up
-The Grey: Greyhound bus
-Threads: clothes
-Timbuktu: in the middle of nowhere
-TMI: Too Much Information
-To rock: to wear
-To the nines: dressed very nicely
-Totty: British slang for extremely beautiful woman
-Townie: people who wear brand names usually worn by the younger crowd. I.e: Adidas, Puma, Roca Wear, etc.
-Tree hugger: environmentalist or hippie
-Tree rat: squirrel

-Ubercute: so cute you wanna die
-Uggies: abbreviation for the uglier than hell Ugg boots everyone is so fascinated by. I don't get it, they're uglier than hell and you can't wear them in the snow. Any fashionista should know suede and water DO NOT MIX!!!
-Ugly lights: the lights the nightclub turns on when it's close to closing time
-Ugly tree: fake tree causing disturbing appearance
-Unibrow: having your two eyebrows be so long they seem to be just one big brow
-Valet bank: highest income level before filthy rich
-Vanilla: plain, boring
-Vegie: annoying 13 year old, like in 8th graders
-Village green: local environment activist

-Waffle: hit an animal and leave the waffle imprint of your tire on it
-Wally World: slang for Wal-Mart, a department store over here in the States
-Warden: parents
-Weekend warrior: slang term and sometimes hilarious term for National Guard. I think the National Guard are all a bunch of weekend warriors.
-Welfaremart: Wal-Mart
-Wet burp: burp that has stomach acid coming back up, almost a feeling of throwing up
-What's his face: used when you can't remember someone's name or don't want to. This one I use quite often when I can't remember people's names
-White guy shuffle: dance done by white guys with no rhythm
-Wife beater: type of undershirt worn by people who live in the country, or seen on people who live in trailers who get arrested on COPS
-Wigger: white person trying to be black. Somehow this word sounds wrong. But this is the perfect word for almost every guy I graduated high school with. They thought that if they talked like how they thought a black person would, they'd wake up black. Hahahahahahahahaha, yeah right!! Most black people don't talk like that, I should know because quite a few friends of mine are black.
-Wooden kimono: coffin
-Word on the street: rumor

-X tan: the tan you get from swimsuits that make weird shapes on your back. I usually end up getting an H tan because the back of my swim top is shaped like a sports bra
-Yapper: telephone
-Yardrat: Prison inmate
-Yippies: women who think it's necessary to scream each other's names at the top of their lungs
-Yokel: person who does seem to get anything right
-Youngin: southern slang for a child or someone young
-Yuppie food stamp: 20 dollar bill

-Zoinks: surprise. Made famous by Shaggy in the Scooby cartoons
-Zone out: stare off into space

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