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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Last House on the Left

The Last House on the Left
-1972 horror film directed by Wes Craven
-Inspired by the 1960 Swedish film The Virgin Spring

Did You Know?
-Wes Craven took the name Mari Collingwood from his high school's name
-Mari Collingwood(Sandra Cassel) plans to celebrate her 17th birthday by attending a concert with a  friend of hers, Phyllis Stone(Lucy Grantham). Her parents (Gaylord St. James and Cynthia Carr) are concerned at both the band and Mari's friendship with Phyllis. They let her go, giving her a piece symbol necklace as a birthday gift before she leaves
-Phyllis and Mari go into the city for the concert. On the way, they hear on the radio a news report of a recent prison escapee, involving criminals Krug Stillo(David A. Hess), a rapist and serial killer, his son Junior(Marc Sheffler), Sadie(Jeramie Rain), a sadist and psychopath, and Fred "Weasel" Podowski(Fred Lincoln), a child molester, peeping tom and killer. Before the concert, Mari and Phyllis walk around on the streets, seeking someone to sell them marijuana. They find Junior, who leads them back to an apartment where they immediately meet and are trapped by the escapees. Their captors subdue and rape Phyllis after she pleads with them to let her go. Elsewhere, Mari's parents are planning a surprise birthday party for her.
-The next morning, the girls are locked in the trunk of a car and are taken to the countryside as the group intends to leave the state. The car breaks down in front of Mari's house while police are in her home talking to her parents about her disappearance. Removed from the trunk, Phyllis is beaten as Mari comes to the realization that they are near her home while she is dragged to the woods. Meanwhile in the woods, they are untied and Phyllis ends up urinating on herself. Mari and Phyllis are then forced to have sex with each other and Sadie performs oral sex on Mari, who is crying. Phyllis escapes, to distract them, thus giving Mari a chance to run away. Sadie chases her, along with Weasel, while Junior stays behind to guard Mari, who is trying to convince Junior that her father can help him, and she gives him her peace sign necklace as a sign of trust.

-Phyllis manages to hit Sadie in the face with a rock and runs for her life. She is then trapped, and Weasel stabs her in the back. She crawls away and manages to lean against a tree. Phyllis then gets stabbed numerous times until Sadie reaches inside her and pulls out her insides. Krug and Weasel then amputate her hand and her forearm.

-Mari eventually convinces Junior to let  her go, but they are immediately stopped by Krug. Sadie and Weasel present Phyllis' severed arm and hand and Krug then carves his name in to Mari's chest. He then pulls Mari's pants down and rapes her. Soon after this, Mari throws up. By now, the gang feel pangs of conscience. Mari quietly says a prayer then walks into a nearby lake. Krug shoots Mari and she floats on top of the lake. Krug, Sadie and Weasel wash up and change out of their bloody clothes

-After changing, the gang go to the home of Mari Collingwood, disguised as traveling salesmen. Junior exposes their identity when Mari's mother Estelle sees the peace sign necklace around his neck. Later that night, she listens to the gang while they spend the night in Mari's room and finds blood-soaked clothes in their luggage. She and Dr. Collingwood rush into the woods where they find the body of their daughter Mari and they carry her back to the house, formulating a plan of revenge
-Outside, Estelle tricks Weasel into a sex game, performing fellatio(oral sex) on him. Without a warning, she bites off his penis and leaves him bleeding to death. Inside the house, Dr. Collingwood carries his shotgun into his daughter's bedroom, where 2 members of the gang are. Krug escapes into the living room, but is confronted by his son, who is now armed with a gun. Krug manipulates Junior, who by now is already troubled, and Junior commits suicide with the weapon. Krug turns to see the doctor is now gone.

-Sadie runs outside where she is tackled by Estelle. The 2 of them wrestle and fight. Sadie punches Estelle and runs away, but trips and falls into the pool. Estelle grabs a knife and pulls Sadie out of teh pool where she slits Sadie's throat. And in the living room, the doctor kills Krug with a chainsaw and they meet up in the living room as the police arrive on scene.

  • Sandra Cassel as Mari Collingwood
  • Lucy Grantham as Phyllis Stone
  • David A. Hess as Krug Stillo
  • Fred Lincoln as Fred "Weasel" Podowski
  • Jeramie Rain as Sadie
  • Marc Sheffler as Junior Stillo
  • Cynthia Carr as Estelle Collingwood
  • Gaylord St. James as Dr. John Collingwood
  • Marshall Anker as Sheriff
  • Martin Kove as Deputy
  • Ada Washington as Ada

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