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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kingdom Hearts II

Another game I looooooooooooove!!!!!
Kingdom Hearts II
-Sequel to the 2005 version.
-This one is on PlayStation 2
-Picks up one year after Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Did You Know?
-Yen Sid is Disney spelled backwards
-Was Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita's last work before his death. He provided the voice of the Emperor of China in the Mulan level
-Stitch from the movie Lilo and Stitch was added because a survey said Stitch was the 2nd most popoular Disney character in Japan
-Alot of actors from the first game did not reprise their roles:
    Billy Zane: Ansem
  1. David Boreanaz: Leon
Mandy Moore: Aerith
Lance Bass: Sephiroth
Christy Carlson Romano: Yuffie
Sean Astin: Hercules

-Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush were unable to do their voices in the game because they were busy filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
-Mulan, Beast, Belle, Jack Skellington, Ariel are the only 5 Disney characters to have a costume change
-The only Disney villains to return to the game are: Oogie Boogie(Nightmare Before Christmas), Maleficent(Sleeping Beauty), Jafar(Aladdin), Ursula(The Little Mermaid), and Hades(Hercules)
-Each world has a unique symbol appearing on screen during a scene transition:
  1. Twilight Town: keyhole
  2. Disney Castle: Mickey's head
  3. Hollow Bastion: crown
  4. Land of Dragons: Chinese emblem
  5. Beast's Castle: Rose
  6. Olympus Coliseum: Lightning bolt
  7. Atlantica: Large musical note with 2 smaller ones
  8. Port Royal: Skull and crossbones
  9. Agrabah: Magic lamp
  10. Halloweentown: jack o lantern
  11. Pride Rock: Rafiki's wall painting of Simba
  12. 100 Acre Wood: Honey pot
  13. Timeless River: circle
  14. Space Paranoids: Tron's disc
  15. The World That Never Was: Heart with an X
-Similar to Kingdom Hearts
-There are also side missions available to player
-Similar to the first Kingdom Hearts game in the state that when you defeat enemies, you can get the chance to level up, becoming stronger, and gaining access to new fighting abilities and other abilities.
-In this game, the player controls the Gummi Ship from a top-down view.

-Begins 1 year after the events of Kingdom Hearts. The game takes place in a collection of various worlds(levels in gamer talk). In this game, the Disney characters are from live-action films as well as animated features. Each world is different in setting and appearance, to look like the Disney movie in which it originated. The artwork and graphics are created to look EXACTLY like the Disney movie it's from.
-Some worlds from the previous games appear, but in this game, new worlds are in it. There is the Land of Dragons, a fictional version of ancient China from the movie Mulan(BEST Disney movie ever!), Beast's Castle, a 19th century French Gothic castle based on Beauty and the Beast, Timeless River, a past version of Disney Castle with Steamboat Willie style animation, Port Royal from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pride Land, a great savannah from The Lion King, Space Paranoids, a digital world based on Tron within Hollow Bastion's computer network. Twilight Town, from Chain of Memories, has a greater role in this game as an introductory world. And in these levels, you work with characters from that movie. In The Land of Dragons, you work with Capt. Li Shang, Mulan's commanding officer, in Port Royal, you work with Capt. Jack Sparrow.

Lion King



Santa Claus

The Land of Dragons

-15 year old Sora, wielder of the Keyblade

-Donald Duck: court magician

-Goofy: captain of the Disney Castle Guard

-Scar: enemy of King Mufasa from The Lion King
-Scrooge McDuck
-Fa Mulan: the woman who passes as a man to take the place of her sick father in the Chinese Imperial Army

-Jack Sparrow: pirate wanting his ship back

-Simba: lion who is rightful heir to the Pride Land
-Tron: security program in Hollow Bastion who seeks to control the Master Control Program.

There's also Final Fantasy characters in here too. Auron of Final Fantasy X, Tifa from FF VII, and Squall Leonhart, Cloud, and Sephiroth, Viva of FF XI, and Setzer of FF VI.







Jack Skellington



-Sora, Donald and Goofy have been in suspended animation for the past year to regain memories lost in Chain of Memories. Elsewhere, Roxas, Sora's Nobody, is trapped in a virtual simulation of Twilight Town, created by DiZ to merge Roxas with his original self to restore Sora's power. His plans are interrupted and threatened by Organization XIII, their Nobodies, led by Axel, Roxas' former friend in the Organization, and they infiltrate the town. Roxas is able to merge with Sora finally. Sora, Donald and Goofy then wake up in the real Twilight Town and meet King Mickey and Yen Side, who send them on a journey. Their goal is to find Riku and stop the plans of Organization XIII, who control the Nobodies- the Heartless shell left over when a person with a strong heart is turned into a Heartless. Afterward, Maleficent is brought back and joins with a character named Pete to continue her goal for power.

-Sora travels to many Disney-themed worlds now, old and new, and resolves problems caused by Organization XIII, the Heartless, Maleficent, Pete and local villains. During a visit to Hollow Bastion, they run into King Mickey, who reveals the true nature of Ansem, the bad guy from Kingdom Hearts. The Ansem Sora beat was actually the Heartless of Xenahort, a student of the real Ansem the Wise. The leader of the Organization is Xenahort's Nobody, Xemnas. Organization XIII
s plan is also told- they seek power of "Kingdom Hearts", the sum of all the hearts Sora released by destroying the Heartless with his Keyblade, to regain their worlds. Sora revisits these worlds to solve problems there, while seeking a way to Organizations XIII's base of operations. Throughout the game, he is secretly aided by a hooded figure who Sora thinks is Riku
-Following a lead, Sora, Donald and Goofy enter a passageway through Twilight Town and run into Axel, who sacrifices himself to create a passageway to "The World That Never Was", the headquarters of Organization XIII, with Kingdom Hearts looming overhead as a heart shaped moon. Sora finds Riku and Kairi, whose appearance has been changed by the darkness to that of Xenahort's Heartless. Riku says to Sora the nature of his connection to Roxas. King Mickey encounters DiZ, who reveals himself to be Ansem the Wise. Ansem uses a device that takes away some of Kingdom Hearts' power, but a systerm overload causes the device to self destruct, engulfing Ansem and returning Riku to his original form. At the top of the Castle That Never Was, Sora and company battle Xemnas, who uses what little power Kingdom Hearts has left to power his multiple forms. After Sora and Riku destroy Xemnas, the 2 are reunited with their friends at their home, Destiny Islands. A post credits scene shows Sora, Kairi, Riky getting a letter from Mickey, it's contents hidden.

Voice acting
-Ming Na: Mulan
-Jesse McCartney: Roxas
-Haley Joel-Osment: Sora
-David Gallagher: Riku
-Hayden Panettiere: Kairi
-Brittany Snow: Namine
-Christopher Lee: DiZ
-James Woods
-Zach Braff
-Robert Costanzo: Philoctetes

Japanese actors
-Miyu Irino: Sora
-Mamoru Miyano: Riku
-Risa Uchida: Kairi
-Koki Uchiyama: Roxas
-Genzo Wakayama: DiZ
-Takashi Aoyagi
-Koichi Yamadera
-Yu Shimaka
-Hiroshi Fujioka

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