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Monday, May 7, 2012

Rock Stars I Admire...

I know that you might be thinking "How can you admire a rock star? All they do is drugs and get girls?" Well, some rock stars are not like that.

Here are some of the rock stars I admire.

Keith Richards
-Yeah, he may have done drugs and he may have been the self proclaimed 'bad boy' in The Stones, but when it comes to matters of marriage, he's faithful, loyal and trusting. He's only been married once and is still married to that lovely lady he married on his 40th birthday. When his wife, New York model Patti Hansen, was going through a recent bout with bladder cancer, a condition that usually affects men her husband's age, he was right there by her side every step of the way, to see her through treatment for it. Now that's what I call a good husband. Yeah, people seem to only see the fact that he did drugs in the 1970s, that he'll most likely outlive most everyone, and has made every possible Hollywood "next to die" list. But you have to almost admire the guy. He's been through all kinds of stuff, done stuff people wonder about, like being in a palm tree and fall out of it, including a rumor he smoked his dad's ashes. I don't think that was true. He might have said something that included those words, but then the words were taken out of contrast. And plus, when it comes to music, he's one hell of a guitarist. He can really wail on that guitar of his. But sometimes when I watch him play, and I see Ronnie playing on guitar and also Mick on guitar, I get the strangest feeling he does not like Mick playing guitar. I get the slightest feeling he does not like to have competition on the guitar, what with Ronnie playing the role of Brian Jones and doing rhythm guitar. I get the feeling he actually dreads when The Stones play a song that involves Mick bringing out his electric guitar and playing. Like he has competition or something

Charlie Watts
-Now him, I really admire. I mean, he may have done a VERY small amount of drugs back then, but who says all rock stars don't do drugs at one time or another? The Beatles admitted they tried LSD. Charlie Watts is the kind of rock star you really gotta admire. When The Stones went to Hugh Hefner's Playboy house, rather than mess around with women, Charlie went to the game room and played around on the games. And his wife, art student Shirley Shepherd, he married in Oct. 1964 and in 1967, they brought their one and only child into the world, a daughter named Seraphina. This guys is a severely faithful husband. I like that, that's why when it comes to favorite drummers, he's my #1 favorite drummer. He's the kind of guy I'm hoping to find one day- faithful, loyal, trusting, and just a general, overall sweet man. I'm willing to bet that he is the sweetest guy alive, and not to mention probably also the quietest man in the band, compared to it's pouting lipped, strutting front man who, even at 68, is prancing around the stage like he thinks he's Mr. Hot Stuff or Mr. Good Looks. IDK what it is about rock musicians that women gotta try and get close to them, attach themselves to these guys like the leeches they are. I wouldn't mind meeting some of the guys in The Stones, but I would NEVER go as far as some of these groupies would. I'm proud that Charlie has been with the same woman for over 40 years. You hardly ever see something like that except in a few generations here and there. I really gotta wonder about how he got in to something like music? You look at him and he just does not look like the rock and roller type. He just looks like he ought to be doing something else, like maybe business or something, working in a political office or something, not pounding away on drums, holding the nickname "The Wembley Whammer" with such honor and playing songs like "Jumpin' Jack Flash" or "Love is Strong".

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