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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

World War II

World War II
London bombing blitz

The reason I'm doing a post on World War II is because I have a slight connection to this. My grandfather fought in World War II. In the Army. He witnessed the horrors of the concentration camps, he was in Paris, in an area called Pigalle, where he saw dancing can-can ladies, and if he were alive today, he'd keep me busy for hours on end talking about the kind of stuff he saw in the war. And you know what? I'd be so fascinated by that, being the history geek I am.
Date: Sept. 1, 1939-Sept. 2, 1945

Tuskegee Air Men

-Global war
-Involved many countries
-Had 2 sides: Axis and Allies
Women working in the factories

Inspired to help women get involved in the war
 -Considered the deadlies conflict in human history
-Many events occurred during it, such as Jews and gays being rounded up and sent to concentration camps during the Holocaust, etc
-In 1937, Japan was already at war with the US, but then it was said that war officially started on Sept. 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland.
Nazi rally
-In Dec. 1941, Japan joined the Axis, and on Dec. 7, 1941, in a sneak attack on a sunny Sunday morning, Japanese kamikaze pilots bombed Pearl Harbor.
-In 1943, Allied forces invaded Fascist Italy
German troops invading Warsaw, Poland


Timeline of events
-Jan. 7, 1940: Rationing of basic foodstuffs begins in the UK
-Feb. 16, 1940: British destroyer HMS Cossack forcibly removes 303 British POWs from the German transport Altmark in neutral Norwegian territory
-March 11, 1940: Meat rationing begins in Britain
-May 25, 1940: Allied forces, British and French, retreat to Dunkirk. Hitler orders a halt to advance of Germans heading towards Allied beach and allows Goering to use the Luftwaffe(army planes) to attack. British RAF(Royal Air Force) defends beach. The Luftwaffe begin dropping bombs on England
-June 1, 1940: Channel Islands are now German occupied
-Aug. 26, 1940: London is blitzed by bombs for first time
-Aug. 30, 1940: London is continually getting bombed out of existence as a payback for bombing of Berlin. This is the start of the "London Blitz"
-Oct. 2, 1940: bombing of London continues. I'm startin' to think London will never stop getting bombed!
-Oct. 3, 1940: Jews in Warsaw, Poland are moved into ghettos
-Nov. 11, 1940: Japanese begin planning an attack on Pearl Harbor
-Dec. 22-24: bomb raids on Manchester, England. Man, I really feel sorry for people in England. They were getting nailed in WWII!! More bombs seemed to have fallen here than anywhere else! What, did it have a big red and white target on it? Poor people!!!!!!!

-Jan. 21, 1941: reports of Roman Fascist("Iron Guards") executing Jews in Bucharest
-March 1, 1941: Hitler orders that the expansion of Auschwitz be run by Commandant Rudolf Hoss
-March 19, 1941: Worst bombing of London so far. Plymouth and Bristol are bombed once more.
-April 12, 1941: Belgrade, Yugoslavia surrenders
-April 16, 1941: A heavy bombing raid in Belfast, North Ireland
-June 1, 1941: rationing of clothes begins in the UK
-Aug. 1, 1941: Japan occupies Saigon, Vietnam
-Sept. 11, 1941: US president Franklin D. Roosevelt orders the US Navy to shoot on sight if any ship or convoy is under attack or threatened
-Oct. 3, 1941: Mahatma Gandhi orders his followers to begin a passive resistance against the British rule in India
-Oct. 18, 1941: General Hideki Tojo becomes 40th Prime Minister to Japan
-Dec. 3, 1941: conscription in UK now includes all men between 18-50. Women will serve in fire brigades and auxiliary groups
-Dec. 7, 1941: Japanese forces attack Pearl Harbor
-Dec. 11, 1941: US forces repel Japanese landing on Wake Island

-Jan 5. 1942: Beginning of a Red Army attack under General Zhukov in Russia or then, Soviet Union
-Jan. 20, 1942: Nazis decide that it's high time for Jews to be relocated and later killed
-Feb. 19, 1942: Japanese attack Darwin, in Australia's Northern Territory. President Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066, stating that Japanese citizens in the US and American born Japanese are to be basically be put into camps to keep them from leaking info to Japanese troops. Back then, Japanese people in the US were suspected of being spies
Darwin, Australia

Japanese internment camps
-Feb. 25, 1942: Japanese American internment officially begins
-Feb. 25, 1942: Princess Elizabeth registers for war service
-April 9, 1942: Bataan Death March begins
-April 18, 1942: Doolittle Raid on Nagoya, Japan
-May 29, 1942: Jews in France are ordered to wear yellow Stars of David
-June 4, 1942: Battle of Midway begins
-July 3, 1942: Guadalcanal is in the hands of the Japanese
-July 17, 1942: Battle of Stalingrad begins
-July 22, 1942: Deportation of Jews. Treblinka, a "model" concentration camp in Poland is opened.

-Jan. 18, 1943: Jews in Warsaw ghetto begin the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
-Feb. 2, 1943: Battle of Stalingrad comes to a close
-March 13, 1943: Nazis liquidate Jewish ghetto in Krakow, Poland
-April 7, 1943: Bolivia declares war on Germany, Japan and Italy
-May, 2, 1943: Japanese bomb Darwin, Australia again
-May 11, 1943: Japanese kill 30,000 in Changjiao massacre
-May 24, 1943: Joseph Mengele becomes Chief Medical Officer in Auschwitz
-Oct. 13, 1943: Italy declares war on Germany
-Oct. 19, 1943: German War Office contacts Mittelwerk to create 12,000 V-2 rockets
-Nov. 15, 1943: German SS leader Heinrich Himmler orders that Gypsies and 'part Gypsies' are to be put into the concentration camps along with Jews
-Jan. 20, 1944: Royal Air Force drops 2,300 tons of bombs on Berlin
-June 6, 1944: D-Day starts with 155,000 Allied troops landing on the beaches of Normandy in France.
-July 10, 1944: Tokyo is bombed for first time since Doolittle raid of April 1942
-July 18, 1944: General Hideki Tojo resigns as chief minister of Japanese government. Emperor Hirohito asks General Kuniaki Koisi to form new government
-Sept. 9, 1944: First V-2 rocket lands on London
-Oct. 23, 1944: Battle of Leyte Gulf begins
-Nov. 2, 1944: Canadian troops take Zeebrugge in Belgium
-Nov. 4, 1944: British General John Dill is laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery, the only foreigner to be honored there
-Dec. 1, 1944: Heinrich Himmler orders crematoriums and gas chambers of Auschwitz be dismantled and detonated
-Dec. 16, 1944: Battle of the Bulge begins
-Dec. 24, 1944: Manchester, England is bombed by V1 flying bombs

-Jan. 25, 1945: American navy bombards Iwo Jima to prepare for invasion of the small Japanese island
-Jan. 27, 1945: Auschwitz concentration camp is taken over by Russian troops
-Feb. 16, 1945: American navy ships attack Tokyo and Yokohama
-Feb. 23, 1945: U.S. Marines raise the flag on Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima
-March 11, 1945: Nagoya, Japan is firebombed by B-29's
-March 15, 1945: V-2 rockets continue to pelt England and Belgium
-March 16, 1945: Iwo Jima is secured after a month of fighting
-May 1, 1945: Australian or "Aussie" troops land on Tarakan Island off coast of Borneo
-May 23, 1945: Heinrich Himmler, who was the head of the notorious Nazi SS troops, commits suicide by ingesting a cyanide pill
-Aug. 6, 1945: Bomber plane Enola Gay drops atomic bomb nicknamed "Little Boy" on Hiroshima
"Little Boy"  model
-Aug. 9, 1945: Bomber plane Bockscar drops 2nd atomic bomb nicknamed "Fat Man"  on Nagasaki

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  1. It is good to remind people of the atrocities and evil of NAZI Germany, so that it never ever happens again.