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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Last House on the Left(2009)

The Last House on the Left(2009)
-2009 American film directed by Dennis Iliadis and written by Carl Ellsworth
-Remake of the 1972 version
-The film follows parents (Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter) of Mari Collingwood(Sara Paxton) who attempt to get revenge on a group of strangers led by a man named Krug(Garret Dillahunt) that have taken shelter at their home during a thunderstorm. The parents discover that the gang have shot their daughter and left her for dead

Did You Know?

-Emma(Monica Potter) and John Collingwood(Tony Goldwyn) and their daughter Mari(Sara Paxton) head on vacation to their lake house. After arriving, Mari borrows the car and drives into town to spend some time with her friend Paige(Martha MacIsaac). While Paige works the cash register at a local store, she and Mari meet Justin(Spencer Treat Clark), a teen passing through town who invites them abck to his hotel room to smoke some marijuana. While the 3 are hanging out, Justin's family returns: his father Krug(Garret Dillahunt), his uncle Francis(Aaron Paul) and his girlfriend Sadie(Riki Lindhorne)
-Krug shows Justin a local newspaper that has Krug's and Sadie's pictures on it and explains that Sadie and Francis broke out of police custody and killed the 2 officers that were transporting them. Thinking it too risky to let Paige and Mari go, the gang kidnaps them and uses their car to leave town. While Krug searches for the highway, Mari convinces him to take a road that leads him to her parent's house; she then attempts to jump out of the car, but a fight among the passengers ensues, causing the car to crash into a tree. Frustrated by Mari's escape attempts, Sadie and Francis beat Mari as she crawls from the wreckage. Krug attempts to teach his son to "be a man" by forcing him to touch Mari's breasts. When Justin refuses, Krug decides to rape Mari. Paige begins insulting him to get him to stop, and in response, Krug stabs Paige with a knife and rapes Mari, forcing her to watch Paige bleed to death. Afterward, Mari gets enough strength to escape and make it to the lake so she can swim to safety. Before she can swim far enough, Krug shoots her in the back, leaving her to bleed in the lake.
-A storm forces Krug and the gang to seek shelter. They seek shelter with John and Emma Collingwood, Mari's parents. Justin realizes they are Mari's parents and intentionally leaves a necklace Mari was wearing on the counter to alert them about their daughter. When John and Emma find Mari barely alive on their porch, they realize that those who are behind this are in their home. As they try to find the key to their boat, they decide to get payback on the ones responsible. When Francis comes upon Mari, he is attacked and killed by John and Emma. When they go after Krug and Sadie, they find Justin in possession of Krug's gun; he gives the gun to John so he can kill Krug. Sadie awakens and interrupts John, allowing Krug to escape. That's when he realizes that they are Mari's parents. After Emma shoots Sadie in the head, John chases Krug. With efforts from Emma, John and Justin, Krug is knocked unconscious. John paralyzes Krug from the neck down, leaving him to die with his head in an active microwave oven; he, Emma, Mari and Justin then go to the local hospital.

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  1. I am not much of a horror fan except I liked Jaws. :D

    In reply to your comment.
    I think the Tim Burton Batman was the first comic book movie I watched also. :)
    X2 was my favorite comic book for a while until I watched Iron Man but it is still one of my favorites.
    League of Extraordinary was written by Alan Moore, who also wrote the famous Watchmen graphic novel, I really hope that it gets a sequel, it was very underrated. Also thanks for the long comment! :D