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Friday, January 25, 2013


The year I was born. When I look back on things from the 1990s, it seems like alot of the shows on TV were geared toward kids, such as cartoons. The music was either R&B, pop, rap, metal. Here are some of the cool things from the year 1990. And it's official: during the 1990s, British TV became more popular than I thought!!
-Home Alone
-Edward Scissorhands. My sister loves this movie!
-Hard to Kill
-Young Guns II
-Quigley Down Under. Probably one of the few Westerns I'll actually watch

-Vanilla Ice
-MC Hammer
-Jon Bon Jovi
-Gloria Estefan
-Bette Midler
-Rod Stewart
-Billy Idol

-Law and Order
-Twin Peaks
-Mr. Bean. This is very easy to believe; I remember watching it growing up. Heck, I still watch it. In my house every year, it's a tradition to watch the Christmas episode where he messes around with teh Nativity scene. Me and my sister do that with our Nativity scene. Yup, we're demented, lol!!
-Keeping Up Appearances
-Tiny Toon Adventures

-David Dinkins sworn in as first black mayor of NYC
-The Simpsons premiered on FOX-TV
-The Who and The Kinks are inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
-Angela Bowie, ex-wife of glam rocker David Bowie, says that the rumor is true: that her husband did sleep with Mick Jagger. OMG, is he really gay? omg! That definitely changes my view of him :O
-Dee Dee Ramone is arrested on marijuana possession
-The "Chunnel", an underwater tunnel network going from France to England, is completed
-Margaret Thatcher resigns as British Prime Minister
-Sci-Fi channel begins airing

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