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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Guitar Hero Aerosmith
-Music video game released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Wii game systems
-As with all the other entries in the Guitar Hero series, the controller is a guitar with buttons on it that mnust be hit to sync with the music
-Basically the premise is to simulate rock music by playing the guitar
-While most games in the Guitar Hero series feature music by more than one artist, this edition features the music of Boston, MA-based hard rock band Aerosmith
-There is Career Mode, which allows the player to follow the history of the band through the various venues in which they've played, along with interviews with the band
-This game didn't get nearly as popular as the other ones because it focused solely on Aerosmith. And the ones writing the reviews suggested that the player's enjoyment rested very deeply on the player loving the music of Aerosmith

-This game follows the career of Aerosmith, playing songs from early in their career almost up until present day. It follows them from the various venues in which they've played, from first show at Nipmuc Regional High School in 1970 to the 2001 Super Bowl XXXV Halftime Show to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001
-The player will play initially as Joe Perry, the lead guitarist and along the way can unlock Brad Whitford, who is the rhythm guitarist and Tom Hamilton, the bassist.
-The player will hit buttons and strum the guitar as if they were really playing
-The performance is measured by something called a Rock Meter. If it falls too low, the song ends. And also, Star Power can be collected when hitting notes right on key.
-After completing the song, the player will get a rating of stars from 3-5 stars. In Career Mode, the player can earn money to buy unlockable stuff, like bonus songs, additional guitars, outfits, videos about the band

-There are also 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert
-There are several chapters in the game. It's broken down into 6 chapters, each has 5 tracks each, sort of telling the story of how the 'Bad Boys of Boston' got started. Each chapter is based on a period or decade of history

-In each chapter, there are 2 Opening Acts that must be done before you can play the Aerosmith songs. And the final song is an Encore Song.
-In Career Mode, there is a boss battle, up against the guitar legend himself, Joe Perry. He is the boss to beat.

-In the game, some of the opening acts include but are not limited to: The Kinks, Lenny Kravitz, Run-DMC. Some of them are playable characters
-This game has 41 songs. 30 are playable during Career Mode and the other 11 are unlockable to be in the vault. 29 of the songs are from Aerosmith themselves, while the other 12 are from bands that inspired or have played with Aerosmith at least once.

-All Day and All of the Night: The Kinks
-All the Young Dudes: Mott the Hoople
-Back in the Saddle: Aerosmith
-Always on the Run: Lenny Kravitz and Slash
-Beyond Beautiful: Aerosmith
-Bright Light Fright: Aerosmith
-Cat Scratch fever: Ted Nugent
-Draw the Line: Aerosmith
-Dream On: Aerosmith
-Dream Police: Cheap Trick
-Guitar Battle vs. Joe Perry: Joe Perry
-Hard to Handle: The Black Crowes (cover by Steve Ouimette)
-I Hate Myself for Loving You: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
-King of Rock: Run-DMC
-Living on the Edge: Aerosmith
-Love in an Elevator: Aerosmith
-Make It: Aerosmith
-Mama Kin: Aerosmith
-Movin' Out: Aerosmith
-No Surprize: Aerosmith
-Nobody's Fault: Aerosmith
-Personality Crisis: New York Dolls (cover by Steve Oimette)
-Rag Doll: Aerosmith
-Sex Type Thing: Stone Temple Pilots
-She Sells Sanctuary: The Cult
-Sweet Emotion: Aerosmith
-Toys in the Attic: Aerosmith
-Train Kept A-Rolling: Aerosmith
-Uncle Salty: Aerosmith
-Walk This Way: Aerosmith feat. Run-DMC

Bonus songs
-Combination: Aerosmith
-Joe Perry Guitar Battle: Joe Perry
-Kings and Queens: Aerosmith
-Let the Muisc Do the Talking: Aerosmith
-Mercy: Joe Perry
-Pandora's Box: Aerosmith
-Pink: Aerosmith
-Rats in the Cellar: Aerosmith
-Shakin' My Cage: Joe Perry
-Talk Talkin': Joe Perry
-Walk This Way: Aerosmith

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