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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Might Have to Start Watching This Show....

Monday Mornings
-Alfred Molina: Dr. Harding Hooten

-Ving Rhames: Dr. Jorge Villanueva
-Jamie Bamber: Dr. Tyler Wilson
OMG! I'd love to wake up to this after an operation...

-Jennifer Finnigan: Dr. Tina Ridgeway
-Sarayu Rao: Dr. Sydney Napur

-Keong Sim: Dr. Sung Park
-Emily Swallow: Dr. Michelle Robidaux

-Bill Irwin: Dr. Buck Tierney
-Jonathan Silverman: Dr. John Lieberman
-Jason Gray-Stanford: Attorney Scott Henderson

-Follows the lives of 5 surgeons as they navigate the professional world of medicine and their own personal lives and feelings

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