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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cutie of the Day: Will Yun Lee

As he was also on that episode of Hawaii Five-O, I think he's pretty cute. Also, he was prtty cute on this episode of Law and Order, titled "Gaijin" where he was a Japanese nightclub owner in New York whose wife was sadly killed and he was accused of ordering the murder of her
Known For

Nash Bridges
-Episode: Gun Play

Law and Order
-Hiroji Yoshida
-Episode: Gaijin


Four Assassins


Hawaii Five-O
-Sang Min

Total Recall

Die Another Day
-Colonel Moon

Red Dawn
-Capt. Cho

The Wolverine
-Kenuichio Harada/The Silver Samurai

Can't wait to see this movie. It takes place in Japan, it has Hugh Jackman in it and also has this very handsome actor in it

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