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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bully: Video Game

Hate to use Wikipedia, but it was the only site for this game, other than the main site, Rockstar Games

-PlayStation 2 game
-Action, adventure, open-world exploration game

-Action adventure, open-world exploration game
-Set in a school environment
-You play as James "Jimmy" Hopkins, who is shown as a difficult student with violent background
-The game follows Jimmy as he is sent to a boarding school called Bullworth Academy, somewhere in New England

-The player can explore the campus and the surrounding environments, talk to the students, who are in different cliques, complete favors, missions and side missions
-Some can earn Jimmy money, which can be used to buy clothes, new bikes, etc
-Classes in school are done in the form on mini-games. Such as English class requires the player to spell out words, Shop class requires the player to rotate bike wheels, use a blow torch, gym class involves either wrestling or dodgeball, Chemistry involves Jimmy mixing chemicals to form firecrackers, stink bombs and if all the Chemistry classes are finished, Jimmy can produce more of these items on the chemistry set in his room
-You also have weapons, of a sort. You get a slingshot, stink bombs, and later on, a bottle rocket launcher, spud cannon, bags of marbles, fire crackers, itching powder.
-Each of the five chapters involves Jimmy fighting the leader of the various cliques of the school
-If his health bar gets low, he'll be sent to the nearest medical center
-He can also get busted by the prefects walking around for doing something, such as fighting, hitting girls, hitting the prefects, or hitting adults carries a very severe punishment

-And if he is out and about in the town, if he does the same thing, he will get busted by the police
-He also has an arsenal of different vehicles he can use to get around, such as a skateboard, a motor scooter, go-kart, lawnmower (for money) and bicycles. As you get closer to finishing the shop class, you get more and more advanced, and thus, faster BMX bikes
-You can also buy new clothes, new haircuts and even tattoos!


The Bullies
-Every school has at least one or two running around. In the game, the Bullies will be wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans. They will sometimes come after Jimmy and beat him up or give him a noogie

The Preps
-They have their own dormitory at the school, Harrington House. In the game, the Preps are easily identified by their light and dark blue sweaters, tan slacks and nice hair. They also talk very elegant and are obviously made of money.

The Greasers
-These guys hang down by the auto shop. They also can fix anything broken in the school. They are easily identified by their love of leather jackets, which make them look like they're from the 1950s

The Nerds
-Usually found at the library, these reclusive hermits are recognized by their green vests and glasses. They are the brains of the school

The Jocks
-Well, as if this wasn't a surprise. Like every school in America, the Jocks rule the school, and in this game, no different. In this game, The Jocks rule the school. They are football players and a rule of thumb, when going down to the football field, watch out for Damon, a towering black football player who will bulldoze you down to the ground. Anywho, the Jocks rule the school and the school centers on sports instead of academics. The Jocks are easily identified by their blue and cream colored letterman jackets

^Damon is this guy
The Townies
-The kind townspeople of Bullworth. They are the police, men, women, you name it. They will start asking you to do favors for them in exchange for money. They pay for you to do favors for them. and also, you can deliver newspapers and mow lawns for money.

Did You Know?
-Throughout the game there are 5 chapters
Ch. 1: Making New Friends and Enemies
-He arrives at school and immediately runs afoul of the bullies.
Ch. 2: Rich Kid Blues
-With him now being more popular, he must deal with the spoiled, bratty Preppy students
Ch. 3: Love Makes the World Go Around
-Christmas is nearing, and he gets mixed up with the love affairs of Johnny Vincent, the leader of the Greasers and his very promiscuous girlfriend Lola
Ch. 4: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body and Other Lies
-After gaining control of the Preps and Greasers, he decides to take on the toughest clique of all: the Jocks, who rule the school, but in order to do it, he needs to gain the respect of the Nerds and have them help him
Ch. 5: The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Hopkins, Aged 15
-Jimmy is now enjoying his newfound respect as King of Bullworth Academy. He is then expelled. He has to clear his name and get re-enrolled in the school and confront Gary.
Ch. 6: Endless Summer
-This is where you can complete anything you may have missed the first time around, missed races, missed classes, etc
-The school's neo-Gothic appearance would have the player suddenly reminded of public schools and colleges in the UK
-There was some controversy when it came out, due to the sexuality and bisexual content and ability to pinch girls bottoms and also kiss them. In the game, Jimmy can kiss both boys and girls
-The main focus is on the new student, Jimmy Hopkins. He can interact with the various students and staff members of the school, as well as townspeople who give him errands to run and earn money from it
-There are other characters in the game too. He is greeted by Gary Smith, a scheming sociopathic student, Pete Kowalski, a shy student who has not made any friends.
-Throughout the game, Jimmy has the chance to make friends with all the cliques in the school: the Jocks, the Nerds, the Preps, the Greasers, The Bullies and the Townies. Each "clique" has a single female member.

Jimmy Hopkins
-A 15 year old troublemaker is the main character in the game. He has been expelled from virtually every school he attended. His mother is on marriage #6 and is on a year long honeymoon cruise.

Gary Smith
-The main enemy of the game. Other characters in the game describe him as a sociopath. He even says that he suffers from ADHD. He thinks he is smarter than everyone else, and also better.

Pete Kowalski
-Usually called "Petey", he is the shyest student at the school and has yet to make any friends. He is the closest thing to a friend that Jimmy has.

Dr. Crabblesnitch
-He is the pompous, ignorant principal at the school. He considers the bullying at Bullworth Academy as "school spirit" and refuses to believe any lies about his staff, such as the art teacher hitting on male students. He even expelled Zoe Taylor for complaining about the gym teacher, Mr. Burton, hitting on her.

Russell Northrop
-He is the leader of the Bullies. He is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but he certainly is the toughest student at Bullworth. Even the prefects fear his monstrous strength. Early in the game, Gary makes Jimmy fight him. After he beats him, Russell and Jimmy become allies, even helping out in certain missions

Zoe Taylor
-She is a townie girl who once went to the school. But she was expelled after she complained to the principal that the gym teacher, Mr. Burton, was hitting on her and making inappropriate advances towards her. After defeating Gary, she is re-enrolled at thte school

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