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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Law and Order: UK Actors On and Off TV

Have you ever noticed that when you watch a TV show and see some of the actors and actresses on that show and then see them in something else they look different? Like you never thought you'd see them in something? Well, I have seen pics of some of the actors and actresses from Law and Order:UK outside of this show and it's hard to believe that it's the same person. A good example would be one time I saw a picture of Bradley Walsh, who plays DS Ronnie Brooks and it was of him outside the show. For his age, he looked remarkably good, that's not to say that he does not look good for his age. He just looked different. I think it might have been the glasses he wears on the show; they make him look older than he actually is. And another example would be Ben Daniels, who plays Crown Prosecutor James Steele. On the show, his blonde hair is very short, but in real life, it's kind of long and looks good on him.

Here are some pics of the actors both on the show and off

Bradley Walsh
-Det. Sgt.
-Ronnie Brooks

He actually looks very handsome here. I think the glasses he wears on the show make him look older
Peter Davison
-Director of CPS London
-Henry Sharpe

Younger, when he was Doctor Who
Harriet Walter
-Det. Insp.
-Natalie Chandler

Ben Daniels
-Senior Crown Prosecutor
-James Steele

Jamie Bamber
-Det. Sgt.
-Matthew Devlin
Episode: "Deal". This is the episode where this character is killed in a drive-by shooting

Dominic Rowan
-Senior Crown Prosecutor
-Jacob Thorne

Paul Nicholls
-Det. Sgt.
-Sam Casey
Don't know what's being put in the water in England to make sexy guys, but it needs to be kept happening. There are tons of cuties in England, like this ^

Bill Paterson
-Director of CPS London
-George Castle

Freema Ageyman
-Jr. Crown Prosecutor
-Alesha Phillips

She's very pretty

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