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Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's On My iPod?

Wow, I never thought this day would come, lol! I now proudly own an iPod. My mom did not buy it; she won it at her office as a prize. She then had to help me learn how to download stuff on to it as I'm not very familiar with this stuff. I also had to download the iTunes program to download everything! And something I noticed that's kind of funny is I was watching Law and Order: UK earlier, and during the show, I kept seeing something in the corner about going onto iTunes and being able to download episodes of your fave BBC shows. If my iPod were big enough, I can rest assured telling you that the only things I'd have on there is my music, some episodes of My Family and some Criminal Minds. But still cool enough, I have a small, yet lovely lil green iPod Nano. 8 gigs of music!!
This is what my new iPod looks like

This is just for laughs. I figure everyone needs a good laugh. So here is Ben Harper from My Family
Here is what I have on it so far. It's divided into sections, like soundtracks, etc. I plan on adding some stuff later

-Across the Universe


-The Rolling Stones

-Def Leppard

-David Bowie

-The Beatles

-Men at Work
-Duran Duran
-The Romantics

-The Clash
-Avril Lavigne

Heavy Metal
-Bon Jovi

-Van Halen
-Motley Crue

-Judas Priest
-3 Doors Down

-Maroon 5

-Eddie Murphy
-Don Henley

-70s Disco stuff

-Reba McEntire
-Carrie Underwood
-Tim McGraw
-Kenny Chesney

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