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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Career Saving Albums

Here are some albums by some of your favorite musicians whose career is miraculously saved by an album

Career Savers

-Permanent Vacation
-Because the band had gotten so deep into drug use, they created this album which had saved their career because of their drug use, their music was beginning to get bad

Ozzy Osbourne
-No More Tears
-This really got Osbourne's solo career high rising again because all the previous stuff was sending Black Sabbath down the path of being just another trend chasing band instead of it's former glory

-This band was nearly all out of talent until 1975 when they released Alive!
-This album sent the masked men to the top of the record sales and made them the kings of arena rock

Bob Seger
-Night Moves
-He spent a decade trying to break into music and he finally managed to do it with 1976's 'Night Moves'

Bruce Springsteen
-Born to Run
-This song was written to keep him from getting dropped from his label, and also to prove that his music was not like Bob Dylan's

Green Day
-American Idiot
-Their previous album, Dookie, sold multi-platinum and this helped to save their career by plummeting them up into success, especially with tracks like 'American Idiot', the title track, 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'

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