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Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Like Scooby Doo Meets Britain!

Seriously, this show is a British/American teen show that recently came on the air over here in the States. And I'm really not surprised to hear that one of the characters is a guy named Mick. Why is that name so popular in England?

House of Anubis
-One day, an American exchange student joins an elite British boarding school and that same day, a student at the school disappears. The young English students then set about trying to discover the wherabouts of their fellow student

-Alex Sawyer: Alfie Lewis

-Eugene Simon: Jerome Clark

-Ana Mulvoy-Ten: Amber Millington

-Jade Ramsey: Patricia Williamson

-Tasie Dhanraj: Mara Jaffray

-Brad Kavanagh: Fabian Rutter

-Nathalia Ramos: Nina Martin

-Bobby Lockwood: Mick Campbell

-Klariza Clayton: Joy Mercer

-Francis Magee: Victor Rodenmaar

-Burkely Duffield: Eddie Sweet

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