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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

-2 years after his friend Harry Osbourne's dad was killed, Peter Parker can't seem to mend the friendship between him and Harry. Also, not to mention the love of his life, Mary Jane, is engaged to someone else. then, out of the blue, the newspaper place he works for, The Daily Bugle, is now labeling Spider-Man a vicious criminal.

-Elsewhere, Dr. Otto Octavius, who will later go on to be called Doc Ock, is developing a new way of harboring fusion energy by using 8 large metal tentacles that hook into the base of his spine so he can control them. But after things go awry, the tentacles begin to control him, and he becomes Doc Ock, a new criminal element to New York.
-Tobey Maguire: Peter Parker
-Alfred Molina: Doctor Otto Octavius
-Kirsten Dunst: Mary Jane
-James Franco: Harry Osbourne
-Rosemary Harris: May Parker
-J.K. Simmons: J. Jonah Jameson
-Donna Murphy: Rosalie Octavius
-Dylan Baker: Dr, Curt Connors

Did You Know?
-The Doc Ock gear that Alfred Molina had to wear weighed 75 pounds
-It's said that the stunt team would often trick Alfred Molina into performing stunts
-Playing Peter Parker, Tobey Maguire's glasses had no actual glass in them
-When Dr. Octavius first attaches the tentacles to his body, real needles were used
-In the original working script, the character Rosie was not killed by a flying shard of glass, but rather a big ball of energy created by Octavius

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