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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Famous Models


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IDK what exactly is inspiring this post, but I recently saw a commercial for Rimmel London cosmetics and for some reason, my mom seen the commercial and the girl on the TV with a somewhat noticeable gap in her teeth. My mom also said "Man, you can drive a truck through that gap". And what's really sad is that I know that model's name. None other than Georgia May Jagger. Relly hard to believe that her dad is Mr. Tall, Thin and Skinny himself, Mick Jagger. So I'm doing a post on models for anyone looking for someone to be inspired by in the world of modeling :D

Dorian Leigh
-Considered to be a real Holly Golightly
-Very sophisticated look too!

Sunny Harnett
-With her looks, was thought to be an early Bond girl even before James Bond was ever thought of

Suzy Parker
-Inspired Audrey Hepburn's character in her film Funny Face
-The first model to earn $100 per hour
-Was the face of postwar American fashion/glamour

Jean Shrimpton
-AKA The Shrimp
-Was one of the biggest faces during the London 60s
-One of the best known models in all of London
-Her younger sister Chrissie also dated Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger when he was attending the LSE

-Still around and still turning heads
-She followed closely behind Shrimpton
-She had an innocent air about her and was known for her androgynous looks and fashion, which inspired the "Mod" fashion in London

Lauren Hutton
-Was the first model to sign a contract for cosmetics. She signed with Revlon in 1973

Jerry Hall
-How she ever ended up with Jagger is still a mystery to me! It can't be money; they both had it!
-Tall, blonde and beautiful, this model is known for her long legs and not to mention being the mother of Mick's 4 kids!

Patti Hansen
-Most known for being married to Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards
-Also the mother of their 2 daughters, Alexandra and Theodora

-Most noted for her marriage to glam rocker David Bowie
-Originally from Somalia, she managed to break the color barrier in the 1970s by becoming one of the top black models

Naomi Campbell
-British model
-In the late 1980s and early 1990s, she was one of six models to be declared a "supermodel"

Kate Moss
-British supermodel
-With her very skinny "waif" look, it totally changed the rules in the eyes of modeling forever

Lindsey Wixson
-American model
-Known for her "bee stung lips" and gapped front teeth

Devon Aoki
-American model and actress
-Her half-brother Steve Aoki is an Los Angeles DJ

Carla Bruni
-Is married to French president Nicolas Sarkozy
-Italian-French singer/songwriter, model

Claudia Schiffer
-German model
-Her looks were said to have resembled French actress Brigitte Bardot

Heidi Klum
-German model who gained US citizenship in 2008
-Was married to R&B singer Seal

Tyra Banks
-Former model
-Worked originally as a Victoria's Secret Angel

Theodora Richards
-Daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and model Patti Hansen
-At 16, she, her sister Alexandra and Elizabeth Jagger all did a campaign for Tommy Hilfiger clothing

Georgia May Jagger
-Known for her gapped front teeth and large lips
-At 16, she started walking the runway as a model for Vivienne Westwood, who created punk clothing
-How is it that these rough looking guys like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards end up having great looking kids? Please, somebody tell me!

Jo Wood
-Former name is Karslake
-Was married to Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood

Elizabeth Jagger
-Eldest daughter of Mick Jagger
-Born in New York

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