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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


-Bill Harding is a TV weather man trying to get his ex-wife Jo Harding to sign divorce papers because he is engaged to a therapist named Melissa. But when he and she go to Oklahoma to get the papers signed, he sees Jo and a group of scientists following a series of intense storms ripping across the Heartland. Soon, it goes from signing the papers to helping Jo record information about the tornadoes that could increase the warning time from 3 minutes to 15 minutes

-Helen Hunt: Dr. Jo Harding
-Bill Paxton: Bill Harding
-Cary Elwes: Dr. Jonas Miller
-Jami Gertz: Dr. Melissa Reeves
-Philip Seymour Hoffman: Dustin Davis
-Lois Smith: Meg Greene
-Alan Ruck: Robert 'Rabbit' Nurick
-Sean Whalen: Allan Sanders
-Scott Thompson: Jason 'Preacher' Rowe
-Todd Field: Tim 'Beltzer' Lewis
-Joey Slotnick: Joey
-Wendie Josepher: Haynes
-Jeremy Davies: Laurence
-Zach Grenier: Eddie
-Gregory Sporleder: Willie

Did You Know?
-The town of Wakita, Oklahoma, which is a real town, had part of it's old downtown demolished for the film crew to use as scenes after the twister passes over.
-The instrument pack which sends up the small data devices, "Dorothy" is actually based on a real device, called "T.O.T.O"

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