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Friday, July 12, 2013

A-Z of Classic Rock

Since this is a music blog, time for a posT about some of the fan favorites of classic rock!

-Oh yeah! These guys RULE! For 40 years now, the Australian metal band, led by Scottish brothers and guitarists Malcolm and Angus Young, have been leading the battle in hard rock and heavy metal, with such weapons as 'Whole Lotta Rosie' 'Thunderstruck' and 'It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n' Roll)'
The Beatles
-The original rock band, it seems. These guys pretty much set the standard for most rock music back then. They didn't find popularity at first, having to go to Germany and do concerts before the fame bug bit them
Creedence Clearwater Revival
-I agree with this. These guys rock. Despite being from San Francisco, they made it sound like they were from the Deep South
It's supposed to be the Doors, but they're not coming on here. I'm putting David Bowie
-David Bowie has been rocking for generations, each decade bringing about a new look, a new sound. With the 70s filled with the looks of alien, androgynous Ziggy Stardust, to the 80s filling the air with Bowie's cover of Martha Reeves' hit "Dancing in the Street", this guy can rock in any decade!
The Eagles
-These guys redefine what is considered laid back rock, coming from these California rockers
It's supposed to be Fleetwood Mac, but Foreigner is coming on here instead.
-These rockers have been around since the 70s. The founding member is an awesome English guitarist named Mick Jones. Their music can go in any direction, from sweet, like "I Want to Know What Love Is" to almost heavy metal "Double Vision"
Guns N' Roses
-Even though these guys rose to fame quickly, like the Beatles, they accomplished more in just a few years when the original lineup was together than the new lineup, sans Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven
Jimi Hendrix
-Even though this guy's lifespan lasted 27 years, he managed to make some good music, probably still being good if he hadn't died
It's supposed to be Iron Maiden, but hahahahahahahahahahahaha, hell no! Iron Maiden sucks. You can't understand a word Bruce Dickinson says; he screams too much
- I'm just going to put Billy Idol. For whatever age he is, he's got a great bod!
It's supposed to be Journey. But I'm putting someone else
-Judas Priest. The British metal legends, still rocking in support of their Epitaph album, are probably going to be around for a few more years to keep us rockin' to Hell Bent for Leather and Turbo Lover
Kiss!! Woo-hoo!!!
-LOVE these guys! These guys can do almost anything. They rock in costumes and platform heels, they can rock without these. They can rock almost anything. From pyrotechnics, to Paul Stanley's guitar smashing, to Peter Criss' rising and levitating drum kit to Ace's guitar smoking and shocking, these guys can really put a good show on
Led Zeppelin
-I'll agree with this. These guys can do no wrong in the world of rock. They rule, from Jimmy Page's iconic guitar riffs to Page's legendary stage dancing and performing
It's supposed to be Metallica, but [snickering] [rolling on floor laughing hysterically]
-I'll just put Molly Hatchet. Southern rock seems to be a favorite among people
It's supposed to be Ted Nugent. Hahahahahahaha
-I'm putting Nickelback. Even though this band is relatively young, they already have a pretty large fan base, of people who love headbanging hard rock to heavy metal, with hard rock songs like Burn It to the Ground, to sweet and somber songs like If Everyone Cared
Ozzy Osbourne
-YES! I was hoping for this one :D I knew he'd win this. He's too popular, no one can beat him at this!! Woo-hoo!
Supposed to be Pink Floyd
-Instead, I'm going with The Police. This new wave band headed by Gordon Summer aka Sting, made the 80s music not totally suck and sounded like it was made through a machine
Supposed to be Queen
-Instead, Quiet Riot is coming on here. These guys were practical unknowns until their Metal Health album came out, the one featuring a figure with a Man in the Iron Mask-type mask
Rolling Stones. Wow, how obvious?
-These guys were referred to as 'The British Bad Boys' early on, mainly because of their kiss-my-ass attitude. What not everyone knew was that the Beatles and the Stones got along fine, with no arguing, BTW. With the band's arrest record as long as their music history, it's a wonder these guys aren't in prison, namely Keith or Mick
Bruce Springsteen
-Known as "The Boss" for some stupid reason I don't know, people like him. Although his recent stuff sucks. I love his older music
Supposed to be Thin Lizzy, but they only have, like, two hits, Jailbreak and The Boys Are Back in Town
-I'm going with T. Rex. They rock
Supposed to be some band called UFO
-Going with U2. Unlike most rock bands whose songs might feature profanity, U2's music is entirely without bad words. Their songs all have some kind of Catholic imagery in them, which should appeal to the church going people
Van Halen
-Woo-hoo!! This band, started in the mid to late 70s by brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen, is an almost all family band. Nowadays consisting of brothers Alex Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen, his son Wolfgang Van Halen and the only non family member, David Lee Roth
The Who
-Come on, did you really think these guys were going to be avoided?
Supposed to be YES
-But, going with The Yardbirds. These guys gave birth to some of the best rock guitarists: Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton. When members of the Yardbirds wanted to go off and form a new band, called The New Yardbirds, that 'new' band became known as Led Zeppelin
ZZ Top
-Obvious, huh?

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  1. While you have intended to honor the rockingness of T Rex, you have posted a picture of Sweet, also a great group.