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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page
Birth name: James Patrick Page
DOB: 1/9/1944
Where: Heston, Middlesex, England
Height: 5'1''

-Fast riffs
-Heavy blues-style playing
-Wide variety of guitars

-Somehow rearranged the song "Whole Lotta Love" for singer Leona Lewis, who sang it at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
-Before the name "Led Zeppelin" came to mind, the band was to be called The New Yardbirds
-When Led Zeppelin broke up, he would not allow anyone to do "Stairway to Heaven". He felt that only Robert Plant could do it correctly

-The "Led" in Led Zeppelin was misspelled for a reason. According to Page, he wanted it spelled that way so people would not pronounce it as "lead" as in "lead singer"
-His father was an engineer and his mother was a physician's secretary
-Page produced all of the Led Zeppelin albums

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