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Sunday, July 7, 2013

'Sopranos' Rock Songs

Undercover of the Night
-The Rolling Stones
-Christopher, the youngest, and thus, most impulsive member of Tony's crew, is engaged to a woman named Adriana, who been caught by the FBI. When cornered, she starts spilling the beans on the family, which in the Mafia world, is a big no-no. In season 5, the episode "Rat Pack", she sinks deep into her role as informant and almost confesses her betrayal one night, but is back at the FBI office, unloading more secrets. And as the camera turns away, the song starts
Man, he's cute!!!
Glad Tidings
-Van Morrison
-In the episode "All Due Respect" from season 5, Van Morrison's "Moondance" can be heard

White Rabbit
-Jefferson Airplane
-During the first season, in an episode titled "Down Neck", Tony thinks back on his childhood, and the moment he discovered his family was in the mob. While popping a Prozac, the song starts

I Feel Free
-In an episode during the first season, someone tries to kill Tony, and he begins seeing a young woman, who turns out to be a hallucination brought on by the lithium he takes as a prescription. Tony flushes the pills down the toilet, and the song begins to play

Don't Stop Believin'
-Tony was a fan of Journey. As Tony and his family are together for dinner, the song starts to play. This was the song that played at the end of the show when it finally went off the air

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