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Monday, July 8, 2013

'Iron Men' of Rock

Since the movie Iron Man seems to be all the rage at the theaters, here is something for you rock music lovers out there. Here are the aptly titled 'Iron Men' of Rock
Tony Iommi
-As if this weren't painfully obvious, wow!!! Since he's with the band that wrote 'Iron Man', Black Sabbath, it would be sacrilege not to include him! Some rock stars may call it quits after something happens, but this guy forges on, not letting a little industrial accident, which cost him the tips of his ring and middle finger of his right hand, stop him. Rock on, Tony! And plus, he has the same first name as Iron Man, Tony Stark. How cool is that? And also to note, right now he is going through a small bout with lymphoma, but is coming out on top. Yeah, that's right, he's kicking cancer's butt!
Keith Richards
-This guy is said to have survived anything, and is also said that he'll most likely survive a nuclear fallout with the roaches. For some reason, his only weakness is falling out of trees
Paul Stanley
-Woo-hoo!! Me likey him!!!!!!!!!
-The 'Star Child' deserves a spot on this list, considering he's the only rock star who actually does wear a costume and have an alternate identity, at least on stage. Stanley helped revive the band during their slight slump in the 1980s, and also while Gene was off, tasting the sweetness of Hollywood by making movies, Stanley kept the band afloat and even had them reveal their identities, by doing a makeup free album, Lick It Up. Despite 3 hip replacements, the 'Star Child' is still donning his platforms and spandex and strutting the stage, singing 'Strutter'
Bruce Springsteen
-Known to all as "The Boss", being over 60 now, this guy is still rocking
David Bowie
-Not really known as an 'Iron Man', this guy has still managed to hold up through the years in music. I mean, come on! What's not to like about this guy? He had an alien alter ego during the 1970s, was known as "The Thin White Duke" during the 80s and still rocks today? He just released The Next Day, his newest album, on his 66th birthday!! Rock on, Bowie!
Lemmy Kilmister
-When he was a teen, he was inspired by The Beatles. Most know this guy as the front man for Motorhead. In 1971, he joined British sci-fi band Hawkwind. But was arrested in 1975 due to possession of drugs. But, later that year, Motorhead was born. And now, even today, when he's in his 60s, he's still singing and rocking
Ozzy Osbourne
-Can't forget him! Known as "The Prince of Darkness" this guy has been one of the many sources of inspiration for heavy metal everywhere. He's lived the rock and roll lifestyle to its fullest, through the drugs and alcohol, and many stints in jail. One thing he has going good is his lovely wife Sharon, who has stood by his side and has even helped him get sober
Rob Halford
-Heck yeah, this guy needs to be here too! The leather and studs wearing front man for Judas Priest has earned the band the creative nickname "Metal Gods". Even into his 60s, this guy is still hitting high notes and probably still riding onto the stage on that black Harley
Alice Cooper
-6 decades and still running strong, like a finely tuned machine. Known as the original king when it comes to shock rock, his use of macabre items such as electric chairs, guillotines, snakes and fake blood grossed fans out, only making them want to come to his concerts even more to see what he can do the next time around

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