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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rich Rock Stars

Wanna know some rock stars really raking in the dough? Find out here!
Lindsey Buckingham
-His dad owned a coffee processing plant

Gram Parsons
-Spent time with his grandfather in Florida, who ran citrus groves which provided 1/3 of the state's crop
Carly Simon
-Before she went to town on schooling Mick Jagger (it could be any number of men her hit You're So Vain is about) on issues of vanity, she was pretty well set. Her dad co-founded the Simon & Schuster Publishing House

Grace Slick
-In her songs, she was every bit hippie, fighting "The Man" in her songs. But her dad was very much "The Man". Her father worked for an investment banking firm

Lars Ulrich
-Despite the working class mentality of thrash metal Metallica, Lars grew up a spoiled rich kid in Denmark, where his dad was a top ranking tennis player in the 1970s

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