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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford
DOB: 7/13/1942
Where: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 6'1''

-Scar on chin and pierced left ear
-Sarcastic and world weary sense of humor
-Works frequently with George Lucas or Steven Spielberg
-Plays unwilling but quick witted heroes who can think on their feet
-Iconic roles such as Indiana Jones or Han Solo
-Deep, soft, soothing voice
-Quiet but charming personality
-Plays characters who use their brains instead of strength
-Takes a lot of hits in his movies and endures a lot of pain

-In 1995, was chosen as #15 on Empire's 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History
-Before becoming an actor, was a master carpenter. Still does this in his spare time
-On the song "Desperation Samba" on Jimmy Buffet's Last Mango in Paris, he provided the whip-cracking sounds
-Got his scar from trying to buckle his safety belt while driving in 1968
-On July 31, 2000, he piloted his helicopter to rescue a hiker named Sarah George, who was near his ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
-Has a pilot's license
-During the filming of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, he injured his back, during the scene where he flips the Thugee over his back. This required him to undergo back surgery. While he was gone, Spielberg used a British-born stuntman named Vic Armstrong, who looks like Ford, to film the scenes
-His mother is of entirely Russian-Jewish heritage

Known For
Ironside (TV show)
-Tom Stowe
-Episode: The Past is Prologue
American Grafitti
-Bob Falfa
Star Wars
-Han Solo
Apocalypse Now
-Col. Lucas

Raiders of the Lost Ark
-Indiana Jones
Blade Runner
-Rick Deckard
Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom
-Indiana Jones
-John Book
Working Girl
-Jack Trainer
Patriot Games
-Jack Ryan
The Fugitive
-Dr. Richard Kimble
-Linus Larrabee
The Last Crusade
-Indiana Jones
Air Force One
-President James Marshall
Six Days Seven Nights
-Quinn Harris
Hollywood Homicide
-Sgt. Joe Gavilan
Cowboys & Aliens
-Woodrow Dolarhyde

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