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Friday, July 12, 2013

Disney Princesses Reimagined

How would you like to see some of your favorite Disney princesses reimagined? Meaning, they are redone in a more time-era appropriate design appropriate for their point in time? See here! Artist Claire Hummel redesigns the Princesses we all know and love

Her costume here is modeled after actual 1770s French court fashion
Disney Belle
This is said to be closer to Chief Powhatan of the Indian tribe from that period. As you can see, no feathers, and a sort of rebellious age appropriate look
Disney Pocahontas
Her first villain. Her costume is made to look older that Aurora's 1480s clothing. Since it takes place in the Middle Ages, Maleficent's costume includes both houppelandes (flowing robes) and horned hennins (coned headdresses) that were a common sight in the Middle Ages
Disney Maleficent
Her dress and look were modeled after an 1890s wedding gown, especially with the puffed sleeves
Disney Ariel
During the 1860s, the cage crinoline (hoop underskirt) takes on a more oval shape and moves towards the back, making Cinderella look like a beautiful blonde Southern belle
Disney Cinderella

Woo-hoo!! Mulan!!! It's said that there were historical inconsistencies in Mulan, but one must take into consideration the time period in which the movie was supposed to take place
Disney Mulan
Snow White
Since the movie is supposed to take place in Germany, the artwork was designed around 16th century Germany
Disney Snow White
Since Tiana's story takes place in the 1920s and 30s, at the height of the Great Depression, the artist thought it was be a fun idea to make Tiana's dress more slimlined, making her look like a flapper
Disney Tiana
The artist rendering of Jasmine was made more close and more appropriate to Persian fashion
Disney Jasmine

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