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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Top 10 Rock n' Roll Movies


The Buddy Holly Story
-Gary Busey plays the iconic rock star. Outside of acting, he acts like the world's biggest idiot, but in this movie, he rules the screen as the iconic rock star, who looks more like he should have been a banker with his suits and glasses. This movie got him an Oscar nomination
La Bamba
-This 1987 movie about famous 17 year old Latino rock star Ritchie Valens earned bragging rights for having an awesome soundtrack, most of which was sung not by Lou Diamond Phillips, but by Mexican band Los Lobos
Rock n' Roll High School
-During the 1950s and 1960s, most of the movies that featured kids featured the idea of "kids vs. adults". But this 1991 movie is good for rock music, although most of the music is Ramones stuff
Pink Floyd: The Wall
-In the minds and hearts of every Who fan, I'm sure they've probably seen this at least once or twice. This movie centers around a teen drawn into the battle between the Mods and Rockers, so, in other words, this movie is severely British, meaning that this movie screams Anglo!
American Grafitti
-Best movie ever!! Especially if you love cars!!
-The motto of the movie is "Where were you in '62?" Nothing beats getting in your car, cruising around, looking for chicks, listening to the latest tunes on the radio
Almost Famous
-This movie is seen through the eyes of a fan, who gets a gig as a reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine
The Blues Brothers
-This movie is a spin-off of a sketch started by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi form Saturday Night Live. This movie features the music that helped to shape rock: Blues!
A Hard Day's Night
-This movie should have been a disaster, according to some, because it was thrown together in a last minute attempt to pick up on the Beatlemania fad that was sweeping the nation in the 1960s. But, with the Beatles' cute, charming behavior, and also probably cute accents, they made the movie better
This is Spinal Tap

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