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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Top 10 Rolling Stones Post Some Girls Songs

Rolling Stones
Doom and Gloom
-GRRR!: 2012
-This VERY RECENT entry into the Stones' long library of songs came around in 2012. This song will more than likely have younger generations listening and wondering "Just who are these guys? I gotta check them out!"
-Love it!!!!!!
Emotional Rescue
-Emotional Rescue: 1980
-This disco-infused track is a fan favorite

Mixed Emotions
-Steel Wheels: 1989
-This is the song that got the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards machine working again
Hang Fire
-Tattoo You: 1981
-Some consider this song one of the better tracks on this album

Dance Pt. 1
-Emotional Rescue: 1980
-Has a really obvious four-on-the-floor disco beat a lot of songs leaving the 1970s had. Until rock began again in the 1980s, a lot of songs had that disco beat to it
-Tattoo You: 1981
-The longest song on this album

Undercover of the Night
-Undercover: 1983
-One of their more political songs
One Hit to the Body
-Dirty Work: 1986
-Considered probably by all fans of the Stones as the band's most boring and lazy albums
Waiting on a Friend
-Tattoo You: 1981
-Has a laid back feel to it, but is nonetheless good

Start Me Up
-Tattoo You: 1981
-Featuring one of the most well known rock guitar riffs, this song breaks out of the starting gate as the #1 Rolling Stones post 'Some Girls' song

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