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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

15 Awesome Dads of Rock

Here are some cool dads of Rock. Guys who show they can rock the music world and parenthood

-Has two sons, London and Cash
Eddie Van Halen
-Has one son, Wolfgang Van Halen, who plays guitar in place of Michael Anthony
Tommy Lee
-Has two sons, Brandon and Dylan. People think he's such an idiot sometimes, but I think he's a loving family guy at least

Gene Simmons
-Has one son, Nick and one daughter, Sophie. I mean, who else besides those two have bragging rights to their dad being "The Demon" from KISS?
Sammy Hagar
-Kids: Andrew, Aaron, Kama and Samantha

-Has two kids with wife Adrienne Nesser, Joseph Marciano Armstrong and Jakob Danger Armstrong

-Has two kids, daughter Kelly and son Jack

Nikki Sixx
-Has 4 kids

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  1. I would honestly give anything to be in the Osbourne family haha! Love your blog xx