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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Brutal Legend

This looks like a metal music lover's dream video game!!!!
-Action-adventure-real time strategy game created by Double Fine Productions, published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
-The game features a character based on Jack Black named Eddie Riggs, who is a roadie transported to a fantasy world inspired by the artwork of heavy metal albums
-The player must defeat enemies while defending the stage
-Quite a few famous metal musicians make their voices known in here, such as: Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath), Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Lita Ford (The Runaways), and along with famous celebs
-More than 100 metal songs make an appearance too, so for video game lovers and metal lovers, it's a combination of the best of both worlds. It's a metal music lover's paradise!

-Centered around a roadie named Eddie Riggs, he is inspired by the heavy metal artwork of metal musicians he listens to. He takes his weapon, his battle axe, a Flying V guitar and must lead the humans against a range of supernatural overlords using his guitar to tap in to the world of music

-There will be interludes where you must play a minigame, which is similar to Guitar Hero, playing a riff on a guitar
-In the game, the player earns "Fire Tribute" from completing missions
-You can also collect songs along the way, by way of finding monuments. You can create setlists from the radio in game, called "The Mouth of Metal"
-In the game, Eddie can use specific groups to his advantage. Like using 'headbangers' to destroy statues. BTW, if you don't know what a 'headbanger' is, it's a nickname for people who go to heavy metal and hard rock concerts. It's a violent shaking of the head back and forth, thus called 'headbanging'
-The game takes place in a mystical world inspired by true heavy metal music. This world is enslaved by Doviculus, voiced by Tim Curry. He is assisted by his glam metal human minion, General Lionwhyte (Rob Halford), whose name is based on band White Lion

-The game style was influenced and inspired by Frank Fazetta, who created a lot of heavy metal album covers
-The main character, Eddie Riggs, was then created as being someone who was half Jack Black and half Glenn Danzig, of the band Danzig

-General Lionwhyte and his minions are based on the whole glam metal look of the 1980s, especially with his long hair that he can use to fly around with
General Lionwhyte (voiced by Rob Halford of Judas Priest)
-There are also filters in here, for excessive gore and excessive profanity, much of it being spoken by Osbourne or Black. You can use these "filters" to bleep out the words
-It was released in Oct. 2009. At the Download Festival in Donington Park, in England, Electronic Arts arranged for 440 fans of Brutal Legend to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest number of air guitar players, all playing "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead
-The soundtrack features music from 75 different bands, being designed to entice metal lovers. Some of the artists include:

Metal Storm: Slayer
Metal Thrashing Mad: Anthrax
Assault Attack: Michael Schenker Group
Ad Noctis: Rotting Christ
A Serpentine Crave: Bishop of Hexen
Back at the Funny Farm: Motorhead
Am I Evil: Diamond Head
Angel Witch: Angel Witch
Angels Don't Kill: Children of Bodom
Never Say Die: Black Sabbath
Mr. Crowley: Ozzy Osbourne
More Than Meets the Eye: Testament
Mr. Scary: Dokken
Narita: Riot
Battle Angels: Sanctuary
Battle Hymn/One Shot at Glory: Judas Priest
Nightstalker: Cloven Hoof
No Love Lost: Carcass
Believer: Ozzy Osbourne
Oblivion: Mastodon
Betrayal: Lita Ford
Overnight Sensation: FireHouse
Birth of the Hero: Tvangeste
Painkiller: Judas Priest
Blackout: Scorpions
Progenies of the Great Apocalypse: Dimmu Borgir
Blitzkrieg: Deathstars
Pure Evil: Iced Earth
Breadfan: Budgie
Queen of Desire: Ostrogoth
Cathode Ray Sunshine: Dark Tranquility
Queen of the Masquerade: Crimson Glory
Children of the Grave: Black Sabbath
Riding the Storm: Running Wild
Crack the Skye: Mastodon
Rip the System: KMFDM
Cremation: King Diamond
Road Racin': Riot
Cry of the Banshee: Brocas Helm
Rock Bottom: UFO
Rock of Ages: Def Leppard
Dawn of Battle: Manowar
Deadly Sinners: 3 Inches of Blood
Destroy the Orcs: 3 Inches of Blood
Skeleton on Your Shoulder: Coroner
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck: Prong
Diary of a Madman: Ozzy Osbourne
So Frail: Mirrorthrone
Die for Metal: Manowar
Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery: Skeletonwitch
Dr. Feelgood: Motley Crue
Drink for the Blood of the Priest: Brocas Helm
Stigmata: Ministry
Fast as a Shark: Accept
Still of the Night: Whitesnake
For the Glory Of...: Testament
Sulphur Injection: Apostasy
Free Your Hate: KMFDM
Superbeast: Rob Zombie
Swords and Tequila: Riot
Frost: Enslaved
Girlfriend: Kabbage Boy
Symptom of the Universe: Black Sabbath
God of Thunder: Kiss
Tag Team: Anvil
Goliaths Disarm Their Davids: In Flames
Technical Difficulties: Racer X
Hall of the Mountain King: Savatage
The Axeman: Omen
Her Ghost in the Fog: Cradle of Filth
The Beautiful People: Marilyn Manson
High Speed Dirt: Megadeth
The Hellion/Electric Eye: Judas Priest
Holiday: Scorpions
The Metal: Tenacious D
The Somber Grounds of Truth: Bishop of Hexen
Igniisis Dance: Wrath of Killenstein
In the Black: Motorhead
Insomnia: Dark Fortress
The Wild and Young: Quiet Riot
Thieves: Ministry
Kickstart My Heart: Motley Crue
Through the Fire and Flames: DragonForce
Lay It Down: Ratt
Thus Spake the Nightspirit: Emperor
Leather Rebel: Judas Priest
Tornado of Souls: Megadeth
Live Wire: Motley Crue
Warriors Dawn: Slough Feg
Loke: Enslaved
(We are) The Road Crew: Motorhead
Love Dump: Static X
Welcome Home: King Diamond
Machine Gun Eddie: Nitro
Wheels of Steel: Saxon
March of the Crabs: Anvil
When the Night Falls: Iced Earth
Marching Off to War: Motorhead
Witches: Candlemass
Master Exploder: Tenacious D
World of Hurt: Overkill
Murmaider: Dethklok
Y.R.O: Racer X
Metal Church: Metal Church
Youth Gone Wild: Skid Row
Zoom Club: Budgie

Eddie Riggs
-Declares himself the "world's best roadie" for the world's worst heavy metal band, Kabbage Boy

General Lionwyte
-Voiced by: Rob Halford
-The glam metal human assistant to Doviculus, the overlord

Lars Halford
-Voiced by: Zach Hanks

Lita Halford
-Voiced by: Kath Soucie

-Voiced by: Jennifer Hale

-Voiced by: Alex Hernandez
-He's their stage manager
Kill Master
-Voiced by: Lemmy Kilmister
-He's the bass playing healer

Fire Baron
-Voiced by: Rob Halford, also the look is modeled after him too

Amazonian Rima
-Voiced by: Lita Ford, modeled heavily on the KISS characters

Guardian of Metal
-Voiced by: Ozzy Osbourne
-He can upgrade Eddie's equipment and helps Eddie along the way

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