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Monday, July 15, 2013

Phil Collins

Phil Collins
Birth name: Phillip David Charles Collins
DOB: 1/30/1951
Where: Chiswick, London, England
Height: 5'6''

-Orianne Cevey: 7/26/1999-8/17/2008, divorced, 2 kids
-Jill Tavelman: 8/4/1984-12/5/1996, divorced, 1 child
-Andrea Collins: 9/27/1975-2/2/1980, divorced, 2 kids

-"Gated" reverb sound on his drums

-Is a patron of the charity Children in Hunger, a UK based charity helping kids in Brazil
-Singer/drummer for progressive rock band Genesis

-In 1994 was awarded the Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order of the British Empire for his services to music and charity
-In 1999, beat Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park, for Best Original Song Oscar. Instead, the two ridicule Collins in several episodes
-Replaced original lead singer Peter Gabriel. But most fans did not notice due to the similarity in their voices because Collins had been singing backup for Gabriel for years
-During Led Zeppelin's performance at Live Aid, he sat in for John Bonham
-Played drums on Robert Plant's first two solo albums as well as his first solo tour
-Has a son, Simon Collins and a daughter Joely Collins, born to first wife Andrea Collins, a daughter, Lily Collins from second wife Jill Tavelman and two sons, Nicholas Grev Austin, Matthew Thomas Clemence with 3rd wife Orianne
-Plays the piano very good
-Never topped the UK Singles charts with Genesis, but managed to do it as a solo artist, with songs like "You Can't Hurry Love", "Easy Lover" with Philip Bailey
-Is obviously of English descent
-Started playing drums at age 5
-Favorite guitarist is Eric Clapton
-In 1970, when he was named as new lead singer to Genesis, he was only 19

-Won an Academy Award for his song "You'll Be in My Heart" for the Disney movie Tarzan

-His favorite Genesis album is The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
-Is a fan of the Tottenham Hotspurs

Known For
The Jungle Book 2
-Lucky (voice)

-Muk and Luk (voice)

-Roland Copping

-Inspector Good
Out of all the times I've seen this movie, I never knew this was Phil Collins

-Buster Edwards

Miami Vice
-Phil Mayhew
-Episode: Phil the Shill
A Hard Day's Night
-Seated fan with necktie (uncredited)

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