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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Crow

The Crow
-Eric Draven is a poetic guitarist who, along with his fiancée, were killed. A crow brings him back to life and leads him to his killers, knife-thrower Tin Tin, druggie Funboy car nut T-Bird, and uncultured Skank. One by one, these criminals are taken down until he comes across Top Dollar, a world class crime lord armed with a Japanese katana

-Brandon Lee: Eric Draven
-Rochelle Davis: Sarah
-Ernie Hudson: Sgt. Albrecht
-Michael Wincott: Top Dollar
-Bai Ling: Myca
-Sofia Shinas: Shelley Webster
-Anna Levine: Darla
-David Patrick Kelly: T-Bird
-Laurence Mason: Tin Tin
-Michael Massee: Funboy

Did You Know?
-According to the biography of Bruce Lee, his father, Brandon Lee's death was predicted by his father after he emerged from his coma
-Takes place in Detroit, judging from "Devil's Night" referring to the night of arson and vandalism before Halloween and "motor city", referring to all the car factories there, such as Ford and GM
-The crow guides Draven to hunt down criminals. He starts with the criminals who raped Shelley and he goes after them in the order that they raped her. Tin Tin starts on Shelley, but gets pushed out of the way by Funboy saying "me first"
-The device that gets dropped into T-Bird's lap is a white phosphorus grenade that can, when detonated, burn at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit

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