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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
-Another addition into the Guitar Hero game series
-This game is like all the rest of the Guitar Hero games. Use a guitar as your controller, play the guitar and hit the buttons at the right time to score. Keep in tune with the music. You use the guitar to simulate lead guitar, bass guitar, rhythm guitar in rock songs
-In this game, you can download additional songs
-Famous musicians also make an appearance in the game, such as Slash from Velvert Revolver, who makes an appearance on the cover, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Bret Michaels of Poison

Tom Morello

Bret Michaels

-The main competition to this game would be the highly successful game series Rock Band
-In the game, the note tracking, both on and offstage, the motions of the bands, stage and lightng effects and synchronization were done by a team of developers who were all actual musicians, who had a high degree of knowledge in those areas
-There are 3 new characters in this game. Slash, Tom Morello and Bret Michaels perform songs from their past concerts. They all came in to do motion capture work so they could be accurately captured in the game

-Features 73 songs. The songs are arranged into 8 tiers depending on their level of difficulty.
-To access the next song, the player must complete the Encore song
-3's & 7's: Queens of the Stone Age
-Anarchy in the U.K.: Sex Pistols
-Barracuda: Heart
-Before I Forget: Slipknot
-Black Magic Woman: Santana
-Black Sunshine: White Zombie
-Bulls on Parade: Rage Against the Machine
-Cherub Rock: The Smashing Pumpkins
-Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll: Blue Oyster Cult
-Cliffs of Dover: Eric Johnson
-Cult of Personality: Living Colour
-The Devil Went Down to Georgia: Steve Ouimette (inspired by the Charlie Daniels Band)
-Even Flow: Pearl Jam
-Guitar Battle vs. Slash: Slash
-Guitar Battle Vs. Tom Morello: Tom Morello
-Helicopter: Bloc Party
-Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Pat Benatar
-Holiday in Cambodia: The Dead Kennedys
-Knights of Cydonia: Muse
-Kool Thing: Sonic Youth
-La Grange: ZZ Top
-Lay Down: Priestess
-The Metal: Tenacious D
-Miss Murder: AFI
-Mississippi Queen: Mountain
-Monsters: Matchbook Romance
-My Name is Jonas: Weezer
-The Number of the Beast: Iron Maiden
-One: Metallica
-Paint It Black: The Rolling Stones
-Paranoid: Black Sabbath
-Pride and Joy: Stevie Ray Vaughn
-Raining Blood: Slayer
-Reptilia: The Strokes
-Rock and Roll All Nite: Kiss
-Rock You Like a Hurricane: The Scorpions
-Sabotage: Beastie Boys
-Same Old Song and Dance: Aerosmith
-School's Out: Alice Cooper
-The Seeker: The Who
-Slow Ride: Foghat
-Story of My Life: Social Distortion
-Stricken: Disturbed
-Suck My Kiss: Red Hot Chili Peppers
-Sunshine of Your Love: Cream
-Talk Dirty to Me: Poison
-Welcome to the Jungle: Guns N' Roses
-When You Were Young: The Killers

Bonus Songs
-Bought in the in-game store, and also earned through various levels
-Avalancha: Heroes del Silencio
-Can't Be Saved: Senses Fall
-Closer: Lacuna Coil
-Don't Hold Back: The Sleeping
-Down N' Dirty: L.A. Slum Lords
-F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X: The Fall of Troy
-Generation Rock: Revolverheld
-Go That Far: Bret Michaels Band
-Hier kommt Alex: Die Toten Hosen
-I'm in the Band: Hellacopters
-Impulse: An Endless Sporadic
-In Love: Scouts of St. Sebastian
-In the Belly of a Shark: Gallows
-Mauvais Garcon: Naast
-Metal Heavy Lady: Lions
-Minus Celsius: Backward Babies
-Nothing for Me Here: Dope
-My Curse: Killswitch Engage
-Prayer of the Refugees: Rise Against
-Radio Song: Superbus
-Ruby: Kaiser Chiefs
-She Bangs the Drums: The Stone Roses
-Take This Life: In Flames
-The Way It Ends: Prototype
-Through the Fire and Flames: DragonForce

Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Guitar Hero Aerosmith
-Music video game released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Wii game systems
-As with all the other entries in the Guitar Hero series, the controller is a guitar with buttons on it that mnust be hit to sync with the music
-Basically the premise is to simulate rock music by playing the guitar
-While most games in the Guitar Hero series feature music by more than one artist, this edition features the music of Boston, MA-based hard rock band Aerosmith
-There is Career Mode, which allows the player to follow the history of the band through the various venues in which they've played, along with interviews with the band
-This game didn't get nearly as popular as the other ones because it focused solely on Aerosmith. And the ones writing the reviews suggested that the player's enjoyment rested very deeply on the player loving the music of Aerosmith

-This game follows the career of Aerosmith, playing songs from early in their career almost up until present day. It follows them from the various venues in which they've played, from first show at Nipmuc Regional High School in 1970 to the 2001 Super Bowl XXXV Halftime Show to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001
-The player will play initially as Joe Perry, the lead guitarist and along the way can unlock Brad Whitford, who is the rhythm guitarist and Tom Hamilton, the bassist.
-The player will hit buttons and strum the guitar as if they were really playing
-The performance is measured by something called a Rock Meter. If it falls too low, the song ends. And also, Star Power can be collected when hitting notes right on key.
-After completing the song, the player will get a rating of stars from 3-5 stars. In Career Mode, the player can earn money to buy unlockable stuff, like bonus songs, additional guitars, outfits, videos about the band

-There are also 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert
-There are several chapters in the game. It's broken down into 6 chapters, each has 5 tracks each, sort of telling the story of how the 'Bad Boys of Boston' got started. Each chapter is based on a period or decade of history

-In each chapter, there are 2 Opening Acts that must be done before you can play the Aerosmith songs. And the final song is an Encore Song.
-In Career Mode, there is a boss battle, up against the guitar legend himself, Joe Perry. He is the boss to beat.

-In the game, some of the opening acts include but are not limited to: The Kinks, Lenny Kravitz, Run-DMC. Some of them are playable characters
-This game has 41 songs. 30 are playable during Career Mode and the other 11 are unlockable to be in the vault. 29 of the songs are from Aerosmith themselves, while the other 12 are from bands that inspired or have played with Aerosmith at least once.

-All Day and All of the Night: The Kinks
-All the Young Dudes: Mott the Hoople
-Back in the Saddle: Aerosmith
-Always on the Run: Lenny Kravitz and Slash
-Beyond Beautiful: Aerosmith
-Bright Light Fright: Aerosmith
-Cat Scratch fever: Ted Nugent
-Draw the Line: Aerosmith
-Dream On: Aerosmith
-Dream Police: Cheap Trick
-Guitar Battle vs. Joe Perry: Joe Perry
-Hard to Handle: The Black Crowes (cover by Steve Ouimette)
-I Hate Myself for Loving You: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
-King of Rock: Run-DMC
-Living on the Edge: Aerosmith
-Love in an Elevator: Aerosmith
-Make It: Aerosmith
-Mama Kin: Aerosmith
-Movin' Out: Aerosmith
-No Surprize: Aerosmith
-Nobody's Fault: Aerosmith
-Personality Crisis: New York Dolls (cover by Steve Oimette)
-Rag Doll: Aerosmith
-Sex Type Thing: Stone Temple Pilots
-She Sells Sanctuary: The Cult
-Sweet Emotion: Aerosmith
-Toys in the Attic: Aerosmith
-Train Kept A-Rolling: Aerosmith
-Uncle Salty: Aerosmith
-Walk This Way: Aerosmith feat. Run-DMC

Bonus songs
-Combination: Aerosmith
-Joe Perry Guitar Battle: Joe Perry
-Kings and Queens: Aerosmith
-Let the Muisc Do the Talking: Aerosmith
-Mercy: Joe Perry
-Pandora's Box: Aerosmith
-Pink: Aerosmith
-Rats in the Cellar: Aerosmith
-Shakin' My Cage: Joe Perry
-Talk Talkin': Joe Perry
-Walk This Way: Aerosmith

Action Video Games

I love playing video games. I really want to go to school to learn how to design stuff like this. In fact, That's what one of my final assignments in one of my classes was. We had to hypothetically design a video game around one of our favorite shows. We had to design the box and everything. It was one of the most fun projects I ever did!

-Action games are games that involves games of skill, such as completing puzzles, races or collecting objects that may be part of a mission
-Most action games have the player, aka an avatar, protagonist, main character, go through a level, avoiding certain obstacles, collecting items, defeating enemies, completing missions
-At the end of the level, there might be a major boss character to fight, and my rule of thumb has always been "The bigger the boss, the longer it will take to defeat them"
-Most of these action games have a health bar for the character. And if it runs out, you either have to restart the level or you can pick up health along the way or you might have multiple lives to keep you living
-Some action games have scores, that can earn you unlockable stuff in the opening menu to look at, like concept art, movies, music videos, etc.
  • An example of this would be in Jet Li: Rise to Honor. If you beat the game, you can unlock two costumes from 2 of Jet Li's movies, Fist of Legend, where you can unlock his character Chen Zhen's suit or Once Upon a Time in China, Wong Fei Hung's costume, as well as a video showing how the game was made and talking to Cory Yuen, who directed the fight scenes for it and talking to Jet Li, who did the voice
You can unlock either this costume

Or this one
-What defines a game as an action game is any game that has challenges such as completing puzzles, fighting enemies or bosses, exploration or tactical missions and sometimes even missions that are under a time restraint.

Game Design
-Each action game will have a series of levels eventually building up to something big, such as taking down some kind of boss, etc.
-Some challenges include dancing in a dance game, playing some kind of shoot 'em up game, solving puzzles, etc.
-Also, some games have checkpoints that, when activated, can allow the player to restart there when they die so they do not have to re-do everything up to that point.
  • I.e.: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. In that game, you play as master raccoon thief Sly Cooper. When you pass by a checkpoint with his face on it, it takes a picture of you and when or if you die, you restart at the last checkpoint you activated
This raccoon-looking checkpoint to the right allows you to pick up where you left off when you die
-Almost every action game has some sense of exploration that needs to be done to find objects in a mission, shortcuts, etc.
-Most action games have at least one or two challenges that are time-restricted, meaning you have a certain amount of time to do something and if it is done within the allotted time, you may pass. But if not, you will have to keep doing it until it gets done.
  • I.e.: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. There is one mission in the Cajun Bayou lever where, in order to pass, Sly must light 25 Tiki torches using piranha oil and must do it in 2 minutes or less.
-Sometimes, the character will have some kind of ability that can be earned, objects that can be collected to earn some kind of skill, weapon or even upgrade an attack. Also, there might be power-ups the character can get that will work temporarily, such as increase in speed, temporary invulnerability, stronger attack, etc
-Every action game has at least one or two enemies in it, that can be defeated somehow some way. They can appear as either single or in waves and will follow a fixed pattern. Some games have enemies native to the area in which the player is. An example would be from Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, in each level, such as the level with The Panda King, since it takes place in China, all the enemies are animals native to China, such as monkeys, pandas, cranes, etc. When it comes to defeating boss characters, there may be a special method to fighting them, a weak spot to hit them to take their life down and when they are defeated, the player will advance to the next level and may also get a new weapon, skill, etc.
  • I.e. Destroy All Humans 2. In each level, the enemy is the police or government agents. And sometimes the enemies can keep coming until some kind of enemy generator is destroyed.
  • I.e. Kingdom Hearts. Since this is an almost all Disney movie game, people who have played this will know what I'm talking about. In the level Agrabah, which has Aladdin in it, when you go to the desert to find the temple where the Genie lamp is, you are greeted by the giant Panther head which is the entrance to the temple. In order to defeat it, you must strike its eyes
-Like every video game, the character can have lives that they can pick up along the way or just one single health bar that can be extended from fighting enemies, upgrades and will decrease from taking hits from enemies. And if they die, they are brought back to the point at which they died or the last checkpoint they activated
-Action games come in either 2 dimensional, meaning flat, cartoonish-looking or 3 dimensional, very close to real looking, meaning that if you rotate the camera around, you will see the texture in a rock wall, enemies nearby and their path of patrol, etc.
-Each action game has a set list of goals, objectives and missions that must be accomplished in order to beat the game. Depending on the genre of game, some are based on stealth, some are find-its, where you need to find something, others are challenges where you and an opponent are facing each other. These games also have an end of the game boss which is always the hardest to beat. After defeating this boss, a happy ending may come or the goals might change
-There are also specific sub-genres of action games

Sub genres

Beat 'em Ups
-Games in this genre tend to be games that involve fighting. Using martial arts or close combat, such as Mortal Kombat

Fighting Games
-Features 2 fighters, using mixed martial arts. And the level will end when the opponent is down for the count

Maze Games
-Pac-Man is a good example. Involves navigating mazes and avoiding enemies

Platform games
-Involves moving to new heights, jumping platforms, while avoiding enemies or fighting enemies.

Donkey Kong
Rhythm Action
-Involves good rhythm and pressing buttons in sync with a musical tune. These can be classified as a music game and is a relatively new genre of game. Guitar Hero, Rock Band are two very good examples. In order to excel in the song, buttons must be hit and a high score must be maintained
Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Rock Band Green Day

-Involves using weapons, either short range or long range, and taking out targets. This can include first person shooter, third person shooter games. Examples include the Call of Duty games, the Tom Clancy Armed Forces games

Call of Duty

Different Types of Video Game Ratings

The reason I'm doing a post on video game ratings is because I've noticed that there are some politicians out there who are going to try and lay the blame of violence on video games. Come on, be realistic here. Video game violence does not make people killers, maybe it does, I don't know. The way I look at it is this: You just gotta be careful when getting video games, especially if it's going to be played by younger children.

And those games you can play where you use online headsets, those are not so good. When kids get online and start playing with those things, they can start saying some pretty nasty stuff, and that could be considered bullying if it's insulting. But usually, it's just kids swearing because they think it's cool.
Video Games

Ratings go from:
1.)EC (Early Childhood) Young kids are able to play

2.)E (Everyone), meaning anyone can play them at any age

3.)E10+ (Kids 10 and older can play them legally)
4.)T (Teen) may deal with adult matters that teens may get, not recommended for young audiences. Possible swearing, sexuality, blood/gore, crude humor, suggestive stuff

5.)M (Mature) Must be 17+ to play. Definite sexuality, blood/gore, swearing, nudity, language, criminal violence, drug use, alcohol use etc

6.)A (Adults Only) Suitable for ages 18 and up. May include but is not limited to graphic violence, graphic sexual content, gambling

7.) RP (Rating Pending). Usually only seen on promotional stuff for new games
-Descriptors are the items in the rating box on the game that tells what's in it. Here are some common ones:
  • Alcohol reference: Obviously this is references to alcohol or images of alcoholic beverages
  • Animated Blood: discolored images of what could possibly be blood
  • Blood: Obviously going to have real life colored blood, red as cherries
    • i.e. Scarface: The World is Yours. You can use an arsenal of guns to rip people apart into bloody shreds
  • Cartoon Violence: Usually seen in Early Childhood and Everyone rated games, this can go from characters getting injured cartoon style, such as having anvils dropped on them, blowing up, getting run over by trucks, etc
  • Comic Mischief: Suggestive humor or comedic relief
  • Crude Humor: "Bathroom" humor, things that might be considered slightly sexual or vulgar
  • Drug Reference: References to drugs like Ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, etc
  • Fantasy Violence: involving human or non-human creatures doing things that are easily not able to be done in real life
  • Intense Violence: This is too obvious. In games, intense violence can go from using real life weapons to blow someone's head apart into little bloody bits, to using a chainsaw to remove major limbs, any kind of human decapitation or injury or death with blood accompanying it
  • Language: Using bad words, including the "F" word alot
  • Lyrics: In video games, sometimes they use real life music as soundtracks. This applies to songs being used that have overall bad lyrics pertaining to something offensive, crimes, drinking, messing around with women, etc
    • i.e. Grand Theft Auto series
  • Mature humor: Only adults would get stuff like this. This applies to but is not limited to adult humor and sexual references
  • Nudity: showing frontal male nudity, female's breasts, female's frontal nude areas, etc
  • Partial nudity: showing partial images of nudity
  • Real gambling: Using real money to gamble at blackjack, poker, Texas Hold 'Em, slots, etc
  • Sexual content: players can get sexual favors from strippers, such as lap dances, or in games with prostitutes, players can get hand jobs and blow jobs
    • I.e. The Sopranos: Road to Respect. Player can get lap dances from strippers, and watch topless strippers
  • Sexual Themes: referring to sexual acts
  • Sexual Violence: Showing someone getting raped or other violent sexual acts
  • Simulated Gambling: players can place bets and gamble without using real world money
  • Strong Language: Explicit or frequent use of swearing
    • i.e. The Sopranos: Road to Respect. In the game, the F word is used A LOT in addition to swearing in Italian
  • Strong Lyrics: Music that uses swearing, refers to sex, violence, drug/alcohol use, crimes, etc
  • Strong Sexual Content: Frequent showings of people engaged in sexual acts, nudity, etc
  • Suggestive Themes: Somewhat provocative stuff
  • Tobacco Themes: showing images of tobacco-related items, ads for tobacco companies such as Kool, Marlboro, Doral, etc
  • Use of Alcohol: Shows people drinking
  • Use of Drugs: Shows someone shooting up heroin or drugs
  • Use of Tobacco: Showing someone smoking
  • Violence: Showing someone fighting, or getting dismembered by a weapon into a million little bloody pieces
  • Violent References: Referring to violence

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday To...

Phil Collins
The Genesis drummer and then frontman who turns 62 today!!!

Out of all the times I seen Hook, I never knew this was him!!

If this is him younger, wow! He's cute!

Bully: Video Game

Hate to use Wikipedia, but it was the only site for this game, other than the main site, Rockstar Games

-PlayStation 2 game
-Action, adventure, open-world exploration game

-Action adventure, open-world exploration game
-Set in a school environment
-You play as James "Jimmy" Hopkins, who is shown as a difficult student with violent background
-The game follows Jimmy as he is sent to a boarding school called Bullworth Academy, somewhere in New England

-The player can explore the campus and the surrounding environments, talk to the students, who are in different cliques, complete favors, missions and side missions
-Some can earn Jimmy money, which can be used to buy clothes, new bikes, etc
-Classes in school are done in the form on mini-games. Such as English class requires the player to spell out words, Shop class requires the player to rotate bike wheels, use a blow torch, gym class involves either wrestling or dodgeball, Chemistry involves Jimmy mixing chemicals to form firecrackers, stink bombs and if all the Chemistry classes are finished, Jimmy can produce more of these items on the chemistry set in his room
-You also have weapons, of a sort. You get a slingshot, stink bombs, and later on, a bottle rocket launcher, spud cannon, bags of marbles, fire crackers, itching powder.
-Each of the five chapters involves Jimmy fighting the leader of the various cliques of the school
-If his health bar gets low, he'll be sent to the nearest medical center
-He can also get busted by the prefects walking around for doing something, such as fighting, hitting girls, hitting the prefects, or hitting adults carries a very severe punishment

-And if he is out and about in the town, if he does the same thing, he will get busted by the police
-He also has an arsenal of different vehicles he can use to get around, such as a skateboard, a motor scooter, go-kart, lawnmower (for money) and bicycles. As you get closer to finishing the shop class, you get more and more advanced, and thus, faster BMX bikes
-You can also buy new clothes, new haircuts and even tattoos!


The Bullies
-Every school has at least one or two running around. In the game, the Bullies will be wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans. They will sometimes come after Jimmy and beat him up or give him a noogie

The Preps
-They have their own dormitory at the school, Harrington House. In the game, the Preps are easily identified by their light and dark blue sweaters, tan slacks and nice hair. They also talk very elegant and are obviously made of money.

The Greasers
-These guys hang down by the auto shop. They also can fix anything broken in the school. They are easily identified by their love of leather jackets, which make them look like they're from the 1950s

The Nerds
-Usually found at the library, these reclusive hermits are recognized by their green vests and glasses. They are the brains of the school

The Jocks
-Well, as if this wasn't a surprise. Like every school in America, the Jocks rule the school, and in this game, no different. In this game, The Jocks rule the school. They are football players and a rule of thumb, when going down to the football field, watch out for Damon, a towering black football player who will bulldoze you down to the ground. Anywho, the Jocks rule the school and the school centers on sports instead of academics. The Jocks are easily identified by their blue and cream colored letterman jackets

^Damon is this guy
The Townies
-The kind townspeople of Bullworth. They are the police, men, women, you name it. They will start asking you to do favors for them in exchange for money. They pay for you to do favors for them. and also, you can deliver newspapers and mow lawns for money.

Did You Know?
-Throughout the game there are 5 chapters
Ch. 1: Making New Friends and Enemies
-He arrives at school and immediately runs afoul of the bullies.
Ch. 2: Rich Kid Blues
-With him now being more popular, he must deal with the spoiled, bratty Preppy students
Ch. 3: Love Makes the World Go Around
-Christmas is nearing, and he gets mixed up with the love affairs of Johnny Vincent, the leader of the Greasers and his very promiscuous girlfriend Lola
Ch. 4: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body and Other Lies
-After gaining control of the Preps and Greasers, he decides to take on the toughest clique of all: the Jocks, who rule the school, but in order to do it, he needs to gain the respect of the Nerds and have them help him
Ch. 5: The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Hopkins, Aged 15
-Jimmy is now enjoying his newfound respect as King of Bullworth Academy. He is then expelled. He has to clear his name and get re-enrolled in the school and confront Gary.
Ch. 6: Endless Summer
-This is where you can complete anything you may have missed the first time around, missed races, missed classes, etc
-The school's neo-Gothic appearance would have the player suddenly reminded of public schools and colleges in the UK
-There was some controversy when it came out, due to the sexuality and bisexual content and ability to pinch girls bottoms and also kiss them. In the game, Jimmy can kiss both boys and girls
-The main focus is on the new student, Jimmy Hopkins. He can interact with the various students and staff members of the school, as well as townspeople who give him errands to run and earn money from it
-There are other characters in the game too. He is greeted by Gary Smith, a scheming sociopathic student, Pete Kowalski, a shy student who has not made any friends.
-Throughout the game, Jimmy has the chance to make friends with all the cliques in the school: the Jocks, the Nerds, the Preps, the Greasers, The Bullies and the Townies. Each "clique" has a single female member.

Jimmy Hopkins
-A 15 year old troublemaker is the main character in the game. He has been expelled from virtually every school he attended. His mother is on marriage #6 and is on a year long honeymoon cruise.

Gary Smith
-The main enemy of the game. Other characters in the game describe him as a sociopath. He even says that he suffers from ADHD. He thinks he is smarter than everyone else, and also better.

Pete Kowalski
-Usually called "Petey", he is the shyest student at the school and has yet to make any friends. He is the closest thing to a friend that Jimmy has.

Dr. Crabblesnitch
-He is the pompous, ignorant principal at the school. He considers the bullying at Bullworth Academy as "school spirit" and refuses to believe any lies about his staff, such as the art teacher hitting on male students. He even expelled Zoe Taylor for complaining about the gym teacher, Mr. Burton, hitting on her.

Russell Northrop
-He is the leader of the Bullies. He is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but he certainly is the toughest student at Bullworth. Even the prefects fear his monstrous strength. Early in the game, Gary makes Jimmy fight him. After he beats him, Russell and Jimmy become allies, even helping out in certain missions

Zoe Taylor
-She is a townie girl who once went to the school. But she was expelled after she complained to the principal that the gym teacher, Mr. Burton, was hitting on her and making inappropriate advances towards her. After defeating Gary, she is re-enrolled at thte school

Olympic Locales

I've noticed that evry 4 years, when the Olympics are, they've held these games in some pretty far off, even strange places. Here are some of them. And as I was doing this, London, England seems to have come up alot!!!
Host Cities

Summer Olympics
-1896: Athens, Greece. Where it all started
-1900: Paris, France

-1904: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
-1908: London, England
-1912: Stockholm, Sweden
-1916: Scheduled for Berlin, Germany
-1920: Antwerp, Belgium
-1924: Paris, France
-1928: Amsterdam, Netherlands
-1932: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

-1936: Berlin, Germany
-1940: Tokyo, Japan
-1944: Scheduled for London, England. Didn't happen due to WWII
-1948: London, England

-1952: Helsinki, Finland
-1956: Melbourne, Australia
-1960: Rome, Italy
-1964: Tokyo, Japan
-1968: Mexico City, Mexico

-1972: Munich, West Germany
-1976: Montreal, Canada
-1980: Moscow, Russia
-1984: Los Angeles, California, U.S.
-1988: Seoul, South Korea
-1992: Barcelona, Spain
-1996: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
-2000: Sydney, Australia

-2004: Athens, Greece
-2008: Beijing, China
-2012: London, England
-2016: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
-2020: Candidate host cities: Istanbul, Tokyo or Madrid

Winter Olympics
-1924: Charmonix, France
-1928: St. Moritz, Switzerland
-1932: Lake Placid, New York
-1936: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
-1940: Sapporo, Japan
-1944: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy
-1948: St. Moritz, Switzerland
-1952: Oslo, Norway
-1956: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy
-1960: Squaw Valley, California
-1964: Innsbruck, Austria
-1968: Grenoble, France
-1972: Sapporo, Japan
-1976: Innsbruck, Austria
-1980: Lake Placid, New York
-1984: Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
-1988: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
-1992: Albertville, France
-1994: Lillehammer, Norway
-1998: Nagano, Japan
-2002: Salt Lake City, Utah
-2006: Torino (Turin), Italy
-2010: Vancouver, Canada
-2014: Sochi, Russia
-2018: Pyeongchang, South Korea