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Friday, November 11, 2011

1960s Fads

Ever wonder what was popular during the 60s? Now you can find out!!!

I think this was definitely my generation. That's what my mom tells me, lol. I think I really belong here, things seemed so much simpler then......

American Bandstand
Lava Lamps
Hair Ironing

Motown Sound

Mood rings
White Gloves
Nehru Jackets
Woodstock festival
I wonder where I am?

Counter Culture

Men wearing beads
GI Joe
The Beatles

Granny Glasses. Became popular with John Lennon
Usage of LSD
Slogan buttons
Hippie Beads
The Ed Sullivan Show
British Invasion(music)
The Dave Clark Five

Gerry and the Pacemakers

The Kinks

Eric Burdon and the Animals

The Rolling Stones


The Mod look

Wide belts

Peasant skirts
Pop art

Slot cars

Mickey Mouse Club
Beach Parties/Beach movies
Go-go boots

Barbie dolls

Twiggy look- boyish figure, cropped hair

Peace sign
Smiley Faces

Pinstriped suits. I think these were more popular in Swinging London

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