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Monday, November 7, 2011

Movies to TV: Movie Actors/Actresses on TV

Have you ever noticed that alot of actors and actresses have been making the transitition to TV lately? And some of the actors/actresses you may see on TV you may never have heard of or they appeared in maybe 1 movie and the rest is TV. Well, I heard that the reason many celebs prefer TV is because it's alot less stress than a movie set. And plus it's like a regular job, you go in at a certain time, do some stuff and go home at the end of the day to your family. No wonder people love TV, less stress, no mess, like on the movie sets.

Here are some of the actors/actresses who are on TV, either ones you may never have heard of, or maybe low profile ones, who like to stay out of the limelight, or actors/actresses who make the transition to TV from movies. And it also seems that musicians are appearing on TV more too. Maybe they like the regular hours too?

-David McCallum
-DOB: Sept. 13, 1933, Glasgow, Scotland
-Birth name: David Keith Callum
-Height: 5'8''
-Trivia: hobbies include golf and computing; as a child, caught rheumatic fever; lives on Long Island, New York; his Man From U.N.C.L.E. star Robert Vaughn was really surprised to see him on NCIS

-Sean Murray
-DOB: Nov. 15, 1977, Bethesda, Maryland
-Birth name: Sean Harland Murray
-Height: 6'1''
Trivia: listens to electronic music; fan of work by David Lynch; stepbrother of Trojan Bellisario

-Pauley Perrete
-DOB: March 27, 1969, New Orleans, Louisiana
-Height: 5'10''
-Trivia: wants to be a security guard if all else fails; very passionate about animal rescue; was homecoming queen her senior year in high school; has a tattoo on her finger which says 12:21, which means Romans, Chapter 12, Verse 21

Crossing Jordan
-Steve Valentine
-DOB: Oct. 26, 1966, Bishopbriggs, Scotland
-Height: 6'5''
-Trivia: worked as a DJ in Yugoslavia when he was 18; enjoys dancing, rollercoasters, horseback riding; professional magician
-Jill Hennessy
-DOB: Nov. 25, 1968, Edmunton, Alberta, Canada
-Birth Name: Jillian Noel Hennessy
-Height: 5'8''
-Trivia: used to play the guitar for money in the New york subway; began modeling at age 15; is a huge fan of the folk duo The Indigo Girls
CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
-Gary Dourdan
-DOB: Dec. 11, 1966, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Birth Name: Gary Robert Durdin
-Height: 6'2''
-Trivia: his uncle plays sax for Sister Sledge; is an accomplished musician, can play the piano, sax, bass, drum and guitar; while in Haiti when he was 6, his 26 year old older brother was murdered while on vacation in Haiti, it's still unsolved; is of French, Irish, Scottish, African, Indian and Jewish descent; on April 29, 2008 was arrested in Palm Springs, Calif. for possession of ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs
-Jorja Fox
-DOB: July 7, 1968, New York City, New York
-Birth Name: Jorja-An Fox
-Height: 5'9''
-Trivia: enjoys traveling, playing guitar and singing; during late 1980s, she modeled in NYC and was good friends with Paula Ciccone-Madonna's sister
CSI: Miami
-Adam Rodriguez
-DOB: April 2, 1975, New York City, New York
-Birth Name: Adam Michael Rodriguez
-Height: 6'
-Trivia: is 3/4 Puerto Rican and 1/4 Cuban; before becoming an actor, he was a stock broker; appears in the video for Jennifer Lopez's song If You Had My Love; hopes to one day visit Cuba
-Emily Procter
-DOB: Oct. 8, 1968, Raleigh, North Carolina
-Birth Name:Emily Mallory Procter
-Height: 5'3''
-Trivia: collects bugs as a hobby; compared to her serious character on CSI: Miami, she is really silly and goofy in real life; loves construction; does regular work at All Saints Episcopal Church soup kitchen in Beverly Hills
-Jonathan Togo
-DOB: August 25, 1977, Rockland, Massachusetts
-Birth Name: Jonathan Frederick Togo
-Nickname: Jon
-Trivia: attended Hebrew School as a child; mother is Italian and father is Ukranian-Jewish; lives in Brooklyn, New York
-Carmine Giovinazzo
-DOB: August 24, 1973, Staten Island New York
-Birth Name: Carmine Dominick Giovinazzo
-Height: 5'9''
-Trivia: wanted to be a professional baseball player, but due to a back injury he went into acting; in his spare time, he paints, writes poetry, plays the guitar; is of Italian, Norwegian, Native American descent; his first major acting job was on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer pilot, his character was the first to die.
-Hill Harper
-DOB: May 17, 1966, Iowa City, Iowa
-Birth name: Frank Harper
-Height: 5'9''
-Trivia: he and president Barack Obama attended Harvard Law School together; was part of the New Harmony Project in the summer of 1997
-Eddie Cahill
-DOB: Jan. 15, 1978, New York City, New York
-Birth Name: Edmund Patrick Cahill
-Height: 6'2''
-Trivia: is of Italian and Irish descent; played Jim Craig in Miracle(2004); in 2000, he starred on Sex and The City, playing a young bisexual man who was not shy about showing off his body.
-Sela Ward
-DOB: July 11, 1956, Meridian, Mississippi
-Birth name: Sela Ann Ward
-Trivia: her mother Anne died while battling ovarian cancer, and her father, a retired engineer, died after complications following surgery in 2009 at age 85; former cheerleader at both high school and University of Alabama
Law and Order:SVU
-Christopher Meloni
-DOB: April 2, 1961, Washington D.C.
-Birth Name: Christopher Peter Meloni
-Height: 6'
-Trademark: gravelly voice, cross tattoo on left arm, piercing blue eyes, intense acting style
-Trivia: worked as a bouncer, bartender and personal trainer before becoming an actor; half Italian, half French-Canadian; is said to resemble a young Robert De Niro; his 2 best known characters are on the show Oz, where he played a perverted, bisexual serial killer who terrorized the inmates named Chris Keller, and on Law and Order:SVU, where he plays Det. Elliot Stabler, a hot headed detective in the sex crimes unit; an accomplished card shark.
-Richard Belzer
-DOB: August 4, 1944, Bridgport, Connecticut
-Birth Name: Richard Jay Belzer.
-Height: 6'1''
-Trademark: dark glasses; his long running role of Det. John Munch; thin frame
-Trivia: was kicked out of every school he ever attended because of his sarcastic wit; cousin of Henry Winkler; born on the same day that Anne Frank and her family were captured by the Gestapo; survived testicular cancer in 1984;
-Mariska Hargitay
-DOB: Jan. 23, 1964, Santa Monica, Calif.
-Birth Name: Mariska Magdolna Hargitay
-Height: 5'7''
Trivia: speaks Hungarian, English, Italian, Spanish, French; has a zig zag scar on the side of her head from the 1967 car crash that killed her mother, Jayne Mansfield; won the 1982 Miss Beverly Hills pageant; was considered for the role of Annie in Speed(1994)
-DOB: February 16, 1955, Newark, New Jersey
-Birth name: Tracey Lauren Marrow
-Height: 5'11''
-Trademark: reflects himself in his songs; instantly noticeable nasal voice
-Trivia: Well known as the father of gangsta rap, inspiring artists like Snoop Dogg; his song Cop Killer sparked a national debate on the glorification of violence in the media; served in the United States Army Rangers from 1979-1981; his longtime girlfriend was a Criplet- a female Crip gang member in L.A; even though he had a somewhaat large fight with LAPD as a result of his song Cop Killer, he ironically plays a cop on TV

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