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Thursday, November 17, 2011

1960s Pop Art

IDK why, but I just love all that retro looking pop art of the 1960s. It looks like comics out of the newspaper or it's just freakin awesome!!!

Andy Warhol
-He's kind of my inspiration for art. Plus, he did really cool art.

Pop Art
I actually have this as a charm on one of my bracelets. You know those Pandora bracelets everyone seems to have nowadays? Well, I have this one as a charm on mine.

Andy Warhol art
-And for some reason I don't know of, Mick Jagger is the only person who had multiple pictures done of him. Mick seems to have been a personal favorite subject of Andy Warhol's art.

Designed by Warhol himself

Muhammad Ali

For some reason, Mick Jagger had more than 1 photo of him done.
Real life photos for reference

Andy Warhol Jagger images

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