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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Musicians and their Trademark Looks, Etc

Did you ever happen to notice that some of the musicians we listen to might have a characteristic look, style of dance or dress, a physical aspect they are known for, or something else? Well, here are some musicians with a trademark look, etc

Rod Stewart
-Rooster style haircut
-Raspy voice
Steven Tyler
-Aerosmith front man
-Performs with long, colorful scarves tied to his mic stand
-Sharp edged, raw vocals
-Dirty lyrics
-Wild dancing
-Colorful clothing
-His lips
Steve Perry
-Previous Journey front man
-Long dark hair
-Tux coats he wore on stage
-Rang and diverse singing style
Rick Allen
-Def Leppard drummer
-Famously plays with one arm after losing the other in a car accident
Gene Simmons
-KISS member
-His tongue
-The axe-shaped guitar
-Spike platform boots
-Deep voice
-Spits fake blood and breathes fire on stage
Paul Stanley
-KISS guitarist
-The 'Star Child' persona while performing with KISS
Mick Jagger
-Rolling Stones front man
-His lips
-His dancing on stage
Keith Richards
-Rolling Stones lead guitarist
-Guitar riffs
-Frequently playing a Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul
-Frequently playing a Gibson ES-335 on stage
-Jet Blck hair
-Colorful clothes
Ronnie Wood
-Rolling Stones rhythm guitarist
-His hair
-Fender Stratocast
-Guitar riffs and solos
Angus Young
-AC/DC lead guitarist
-The 'Duck Walk' hopping on one foot while kicking with the other, previously used by his idol Chuck Berry
-Wears a schoolboy uniform on stage
-Wild stage antics
-The "Spasm" involved him shaking his body and falling to the floor
Bon Scott
-Distinctive voice
Brian Johnson
-Cap and raw edged vocals
-Flat cap pulled down to his eyes and his unique voice
John Lennon
-Sarcastic wit and later on, granny glasses
-Songs about personal issues
-Songs with political and social themes
-Tattered army jacket
-Rickenbacker guitar
Phil Collins
-Gated reverb sound on drums
Billie Joe Armstrong
-Black shirt and red tie
Axl Rose
Tight-fitting leather biker shorts
-High pitched singing
-Dancing on stage
-High vocal range
-Leather pants
-Well known for onstage rants directed at fans
-Outspoken and confrontational attitude
Izzy Stradlin
-Long black hair
-Wears a cap on stage
Duff McKagan
-Blonde hair
-Long curly hair covering his face
-Tophat with buckles on it
-Guitar riffs
-Colorful Gibson Les Paul guitars
-Almost always has a cigarette hanging from his mouth
Adam Levine
-Long and short uses of "Oh!" in his songs
-Sensual dance moves
Matthew Bellamy
-Spikey hair
-Rang of custom built manson guitars known as Mattocasters
Dominic Howard
-Black/surf pink converse shoes
-Sometimes wears a Spider-Man outfit while drumming at concerts
Roger Waters
-Often wears black clothes
-Inflatable pig on stage
Dave Navarro
-Often plays shirtless
-Tattoos all over his body
-Psychadelic guitar solos
-Shaves his head
-Tattoos all over his body
Freddie Mercury
-Sings with the top half of his mic stand
-Loved to do vocal duet with crowd
-Wide ranged, powerful vocals
-Placing mic under his belt
Larry Mullen Jr
-Very short, spiky hair
Adam Clayton
-His glasses
The Edge
-Often wears hats to cover receding hairline
-Falsetto voice
-Black Chuck Taylor shoes
-Goggle-like glasses
-Religious symbolism in songs
-Often wears a rosary given to him by Pope John Paul II
-Songs about politics
-At live concerts, runs around the stage
-Black clothes
David Lee Roth
-Long blonde hair
-High raspy voice
-Performing bare chested
-Charismatic dancing
Billy Idol
-Platinum blonde hair
David Johansen
-High pitched raw vocals
-Flamboyant stage manner

David Bowie
-Wide ranging vocals
-His one permanently dilated pupil, giving him the look of 2 different colored eyes
-Lyrics with sci-fi/fantasy themes
-Having a diff. theme on almost every album
-Constantly changing appearance
Sid Vicious
-His sneer
-Spiky hair
-Leather jacket
The Pogo Dance
-Padlock chain around his neck

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