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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham
Birth Name: Jefferey William Robinson Dunham
DOB: April 18, 1962
Where: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: stand up

Early Life
-Born in Dallas, Texas in 1962
-Adopted by a real estate appraiser and a homemaker
-Began ventriloquism at age 8, when his parents gave him a Mortimer Snerd dummy for Christmas
-The next day he checked out a book on ventriloquism from the library.
-Says that ventriloquism is a learned skill, like juggling, anyone with a normal speaking voice can acquire it

-Began performing for audiences as a teen, performing at venues like school, church, and during his job at Six Flags
-In 1985, he came up with one of his famous dummies, Jose the Jalapeno on a Stick.
-In 1996, he came up Walter, a disgruntled husband, and him and Jeff appeared on an episode of Blue Collar TV
-On July 18, 2003, he introduced Melvin the Superhero Guy
-Some poeple have claimed that Dunham's characters are sexist, homophobic caricatures.


-Retired, grumpy old man with arms always crossed in front of him.
-Has a brash, negative, sarcastic view on today's world.
-Vietnam War vet and former welder.
-Been married for several decades
-Fond of saying "Shut the hell up!"
-Hyperactive, purple skinned monkey like creature with white fur covering most of his body, a small patch of green hair on the top of his head, and one sneaker on his left foot
-On Arguing with Myself, explains that Peanut is from a small Micronesian island, and they met in Florida.
-Been described as the bad kid
-Often makes fun of Dunham and torments and mocks Jose Jalapeno on a Stick
-In Arguing with Myself, after Dunham denies ever taking drugs, Peanut says "Then how the the hell did you come up with me?"
Jose Jalapeno on a Stick
-Talking jalapeno pepper on a stick who wears a small sombrero.
-Speaks with a thick Latin accent, almost always paired with Peanut, who often mocks and makes fun of Jose.
Bubba J
-Beer drinking redneck that Dunham describes in Arguing with Myself as white trash trailer park.
-Often jokes around with Bubba J's love of drinking beer and NASCAR, and his low IQ.
Achmed the Dead Terrorist
-Skeletal corpse of an incompetent suicide bomber, whom Dunham uses to satirize the issue of terrorism
-Known for yelling "Silence! I kill you!" with people laughing in the audience
-First appeared in Spark of Insanity
-In the Very Special Christmas, sings a version of Jingle Bells, called Jingle Bombs
-Also dubs the Guitar Guy "You racist bastard!" for warming up with Arab chords.
-When mentioning he looks dead, Achmed says "It's a flesh wound"
-Also talks about his incompetence with explosives, saying he suffered a premature detonation.
Achmed Junior
-Son of Achmed
-First appeared in the Identity Crisis tour of 2010
-Makes a 2nd appearance in Controlled Chaos
-Called AJ for short, and is implied to be gay
-Also has an English accent from being raised in England

He's the one on the right, in blue
Melvin the Superhero Guy
-In Spark of Insanity, he is referred to as the Superhero Melvin
-Wears a blue superhero costume and is used to poke fun at  superheroes.
-When Dunham asks how far he can fly, he replies "How far can you throw me?"
-Observes that Aquaman has the same powers as SpongeBob Squarepants, that the Flash's speed is taken from methamphetamine, Superman is a showoff for leaping tall buildings and that he can simply walk around them, the Hulk's ability to get stronger as he gets angrier mirrors every white trash guy on COPS, and questions the suspicious relationship between Batman and Robin.

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