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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drum Corps International

I know this is a bit of a foray away from music, but I wanted to do this post on something that involved my dad. When he was younger, he was in something called The Drum Corps. He played these massive drums, that did not have a back brace, 4 of them in one long row he played. They went everywhere. And he said those were the best years of his life. If he was still alive, he could probably play those drums good, he could probably be the Charlie Watts in our household, our very own Wembley Whammer on drums, :D
-Drum Corps International(DCI) was formed in 1972. It is the non profiting governing body operating in North America, operating the North American Drum and Bugle Corps circuit for junior corps, whose members are between the ages of 14-21. It is an associate of Drum Corps Associates(DCA) which governs senior or all age drum corps. DCI consists of only a small full time executive, admistrative staff in Indianapolis, Indiana.
-Policy is created, carried out and enforced by the Board of Directors.
-The primary purpose of this is to provide a life changing experience for youth through the art of marching music performance. Their competitive summer tour, consisting of DCI-sanctioned competitions(known as the Summer Music Games) throughout the US and Canada, start in August with week long DCI World Championships. Many other drum corps associations around the world are based upon DCI. It continues a tradition of exceptionally high quality drum corps, with members in the top corps highly sought after and extremely competitive, attracting interest of members from many countries.

-DCI splits into 3 classes. Corps from all classes often compete together at smaller shows, but are still judged and ranked separately.

World Class
-Formerly Division I.
-Elite corps in activity, with more than enough applicants to fill their 150 person maximum. The top 12 corps as determined from previous season are given voting rights to help govern the DCI circuit. Along with increased performance purses and preferential touring schedules. Corps gain world class status at the discretion of the DCI Board of Directors.
-There are 23 active corps in this class

Madison Scouts
 Open Class
-Formerly Division II/III
-Generally smaller and easier for applicants to attain membership. Some Open Class corps are more competitive than others, but there are almost always spots available for those willing to commit and able to learn. The class was established by combining Division II(corps with 71-135 members) and Division III(corps with 30-79 members). On Sept. 22, 2007, DCI approved combining the 2 into the new Open Class Division.

International Class
-New class for corps outside North America that wish to tour in DCI's circuit. Corps in this clas are allowed to follow their own country's organized guidelines. However, if they choose to follow DCI Open Class rules, they have the option of competing in that class.

The Cavaliers

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