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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Corruptor

Love this movie too!!! Then again, anything with Jet Li, Sylvester Stallone or Chow Yun-fat in it I'll watch. Those 3 have got to be the cutest actors EVER!
-NYPD Lt. Nick Chen(Chow Yun-fat) is one of many New York police officers. He's also head of the Asian Gang Unit. His job entails him keeping the peace in Chinatown frmo a turf war that has started between the Triads, the Tong and the dangerous Fukienese Dragons, a problem only made worse by the fact that he is also an informant for the Tongs under "Uncle" Benny Chan(Kim Chan) and his Lt. Henry Lee(Ric Young). After a bombing in downtown Chinatown in broad daylight, Chen is hesitantly teamed with Danny Wallace(Mark Wahlberg), who is severely unaware of the situation. Also, Danny was secretly tasked by Internal Affairs to monitor Chen for corruption. Danny lied to Chen and the Asian Gang Unit b y claiming he took the job as a means to get his Detective shield the fastest

-During a raid on a Fukienese whorehouse, Chen saves Danny's life. Danny, knowing that his life is now in the hands of Chen, promptly initiates a bust on a drug operation, not knowing that there was an undercover FBI agent present as well.  After being berated by the FBI for interfering, Danny is introduced to Henry. He then discusses the potential value of having another cop in the Asian Gang Unit on the Tong payroll, which Uncle Benny allows. One day, Benny is able to lure Danny into working for him by tipping him off to an underground prostitution ring. Danny, after stopping the operation, is given a commendation for valor, but Chen now suspects that Danny, like him, is working for the Tongs

-Eventually, Wallace begins to work for Henry Lee(Ric Young) of the Tongs after finding that Chen has been doing the same. They cross paths while doing this throwing their trust to the wind. Chen hates the Fukienese with a passion, but neither he nor Wallace know that Henry Lee is secretly forming a partnership with their head leader Bobby Vu(Byron Mann), a relationship that results in them ousting Uncle Benny after tipping off their Hong Kong associates that he is cooperating with the FBI. By this time, Henry and Bobby know there is an FBI agent undercover in their drug operations and despite Nick's idea to 'leak' the operation and have him pulled, decide to simply kill him.

He looks good in uniform. [insert little hearts]
 -One day, while monitoring a drug sting, Danny and Nick witness a Tong hit squad and it leads to a violent confrontation that leads to Nick getting berated for botching the FBI investigation. After that, both Danny and Nick swear to not talk to the FBI without talking to each other first. Unfortunately, the FBI find out Danny's real reason for his position with the Asian Gang Unit and threaten to expose him unless he is willing to spy on Nick for them. When one of Nick's informants witnesses firsthand the murder of Uncle Benny at the hands of Bobby under orders from Henry, he alerts Nick who then tells the District Attorney because she is looking to indict the Tongs under the RICO Act. The DA, the FBI, and both Wallace and Chen decide they want to catch Bobby in the act and decide to hold off on arrests.

-Unfortunately, Henry at the time chooses to alert Chen of Wallace's real identity and job, leaving him to decide whether or not to kill Wallace to prevent him getting arrested. During the nighttime operation, Wallace is injured and while trying to protect an elderly woman, is left vulnerable to be killed by Bobby. Nick pushes Danny out of the way and is hit by the bullet meant for Danny. While at the hospital, the FBI is furious that Danny did not reveal Chen's corruption due to the fact that his leaking of info led directly to the death of an undercover FBI agent. Danny refused to withdraw his original statement telling them that Nick was a good cop and died a good cop, but Nick dies to his injuries. Sometime later, Danny is seen leading the arrest of Henry under the information Nick's informant gave them. Nick is given a hero's funeral and Wallace is seen in the procession.


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