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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ahhh, To Travel Far and Wide

I was inspired by a fellow blogger called Summer Baby to do a blog post about traveling. I'm starting to think I'll never get out of school. I swear, I'm never recommending Gateway to anyone!!!! This school SUCKS! If only I could travel. To just get away from all the stress. I wouldn't tell anyone where I was going or when I'd be back or if I'd be back. Sometimes I think it would be way easier to live in another country, because it seems like they don't have as many problems as the US does right now. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm proud to be American, but sometimes that gets tested. Sometimes I regret saying that because the economy of the US sucks right now. People are fighting tooth and nail for jobs, people are losing their homes and jobs, but the famous people of our world can spend millions on weddings only to divorce 3 days later? WTF?

-Tate Modern. Art museum, sweet!
-The London Eye. Gotta ride this ferris wheel. I bet the view from the top is amazing!
-Abbey Road. I'm a major Beatles fan!
-Great Wall of China
-See the Terra Cotta Warrior museum. Sorry, I'm a history buff, and I love to learn. I'm a real dork I know
-See the Forbidden City
Looks just like the end of the movie Mulan
-Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, I hear the view from the top is killer
-See Mt. Fuji
-Kyoto. Beautiful gardens. Possible inspiration for turning a backyard into a Japanese garden
-Ginza. Maybe catch an authentic Japanese theatre show?
-See some of the shrines and temples
Australia. Maybe see Hugh Jackman? LOL
-Great Barrier Reef
-Uluru(Ayer's Rock)
-Sydney Harbour
-Relax on Bondi Beach
-See the famous Sydney Opera House
-Queensland Zoo. Pay my respects to Steve Irwin
New York
-Lady Liberty. I can imagine it must have been something when all the immigrants came to America
-Ellis Island Immigration Center. I've always had an interest in things like this.
-Metropolitan Museum of Art. I'm an art nut, love it
-Trevi Fountain
-Tower of Pisa
My stepdad calls this the Tiltin' Hilton, lol.

-Check out Venice
San Francisco
-Riding a cable car
-Golden Gate Park
-Coit Tower

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