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Monday, November 14, 2011

Today in Rock Music History

-Paul McCartney, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Robbie Williams, Keane, Snow Patrol, Travis, The Darkness and others take part in the recording of a new version of "Do They Know It's Christmas"

-2 high profile rap singers go head to head as their albums hit stores at the same time. Jay-Z's The Black Album and 50 Cent's Beg for Mercy hit the stores at the same time

-R. Kelly releases his self titled album, featuring the singles Down Low and You Remind Me of Something. Tops Billboard 200

-John Mellancamp keyboard player John Cascella is found dead in his car in Indiana after a heart attack

-In today's issue of Newsweek, The Who's Pete Townshend says he's bisexual.

-Led Zeppelin begin recording their 3rd album at Olympia Studios.

-Pink Floyd begin a UK tour supporting Jimi Hendrix
-John Lennon and Yoko Ono's art exhibit Half-A-Wind Show closes at London's Lisson Gallery

-Dusty Springfield kicks off her own UK tour but reveals "I wish I'd been born colored. When it comes to singing and feeling, I want to be one of them, and not me. Then I see how some of them are treated and I thank God I'm white".
-Jimmy Reed plays in Britain backed by Them, an Irish band including young Van Morrison.

-Elvis Presley's It's Now or Never is fastest selling single in UK history

-At the Biggest Show of Stars in Boston, five audience members are arrested during Fats Domino's performance

-Former Bon Jovi bassist Alec John Such is born

-Defunkt bassist Kim Clarke is born in Jamaica, N.Y.
-Greek new age god Yanni is born in Kalamata

-Burly Alexander O'Neal, one of the better soulmen, is born today

-The first British charts are published in the New Musical  Express. #1 today is Al Martino's Here in My Heart

-Barry Brandt, drummer for hard rock band Angel, is born
-Stephen Bishop, songwriter, is born in San Diego

-Styx guitarist James Young is born in Chicago

-Cajun legend Buckwheat Zydeco is born in Lafayette, La

-2nd generation Supreme Scherrie Payne is born in Detroit.

-Freddie Garrity, lead singer with Freddie and the Dreamers, is born in Manchester, England

-Cornelius Gunter, vocalist with The Coasters, is born in L.A.

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